Affiliated Distributors

Founded in 1981, Affiliated Distributors is North America’s #1 Distributor Network with a mission to increase market share of its Affiliate Members (distributors) and Preferred Supplier Partners (manufacturers).

A-D’s growth and success as an organization is attributed to the democratic structure of their Affiliate networks and committees. These networks provide leadership and guidance to A-D management and are a forum for Affiliate executives to share any successes, challenges and best practices in their respective local markets.

A-D calls itself The Marketing GroupTM and is dedicated to providing marketing leadership to both Affiliate Members and Preferred Supplier Partners. Sponsoring a series of programs and events to stimulate sales and marketing excellence as well as encouraging closer working relationships between Affiliates and Preferred Suppliers ensures their success.

For Independent Distributors, A-D is the solution and acts to “level the playing field” during a period of increasing industry concentration. A-D is comprised of five separate divisions:

  • The Electrical Supply Division (founded in 1981)
  • The Industrial Supply Division (founded in 1994)
  • The Industrial Pipe, Valve and Fittings Division
  • The Plumbing Division (founded in 2001)
  • The HVAC Division (founded in 2006)
  • Selective and specific membership criteria helps A-D remain committed to offering its Preferred Suppliers broad North American advantage.
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A-D welcomes independent, entrepreneurial Affiliates that are:

  • Leaders in their local and/or regional trading areas
  • Professionally managed
  • Locally owned
  • Marketing oriented
  • Financially strong
  • Affiliates serve a broad range of industries and are able to provide customers a competitive solution with the full support of multi-billion dollar enterprise behind them.

In honor of Affiliated Distributors’ 30th Anniversary, they created this animated video in order to help folks understand their heritage. Affiliated Distributors was created to protect strong local independents and proud manufacturers from the negative impact of national chains.