Rittal Hygienic Design Enclosures

Posted on , Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Rittal's enclosures -- specially designed and built to handle the unique hygiene needs and challenges of the Food & Beverage industry! Different enclosure solutions are needed for the various locations inside a food and beverage production facility. From enclosures that can withstand frequent wash-downs on the factory floor to the IT infrastructure in the data center, Rittal has the right solution to protect your sensitive controls and electronic equipment.

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2018 EBH Scalance Ethernet Switches Promotion

Posted on , Monday 26th of March 2018

Competitive pricing on Scalance Ethernet Switches at E.B. Horsman & Son is now available. This promotion is valid in our branches untilĀ September 30th 2018.

The SCALANCE product line is designed primarily for use in diverse industrial applications. It provides everything for ultra-efficient industrial networks and bus systems: powerful, future-proof network components for reliable operation in all industrial environments; a wiring system for fast pre-assembled connections on site; high speed redundancy for enhanced availability; and a signaling concept for permanent network component monitoring.

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SITOP Power Supply Promotion

Posted on , Wednesday 28th of February 2018

The same high quality power supplies with promotional prices from E.B. Horsman & Son. The Promotion also includes circuit breakers corresponding to the SITOP power supplies. The SITOP power supplies are designed for basic requirements in industrial environments and offer all the key functions at an attractive price. Complete integration in Totally Integrated Automation and the TIA Portal via PROFINET gives you unique opportunities for engineering and diagnostics. Order yours now while promo lasts! Promotion Expires on September 30th 2018.

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