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Hach are world leaders in the manufacture of water analyzers and reagents.

Their market are drinking water, waste water,power, boiling and cooling,beverage and data management.

Honeywell Analytics

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As the gas detection experts, Honeywell Analytics brings together nearly 200 collective years of   expertise in design, manufacture and technology. The company also enjoys a glittering array of accolades including being the originators of an impressive number of technological firsts.

Adaptability and innovation are key themes at Honeywell Analytics. The company’s comprehensive product range has an option suited to every type of application or industry. In addition, a strong commitment to service and understanding the unique needs of its customers ensures that Honeywell Ananalytics remains the premier provider of gas detection solutions, and a name that is synonymous with excellence. In addition to the extensive product range, Honeywell Analytics also provides a number of authoritative platforms, providing a comprehensive offering of knowledge, expertise and information on every aspect of gas detection. These include the website www.honeywellanalytics.com known as the  definitive resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject in its entirety.

Honeywell Analytics – Experts in Gas Detection


Honeywell Analytics has been continuously evolving since its conception nearly 50 years ago. The company was established in the UK in 1959 by gas detection pioneer and inventor of the first reliable catalytic bead, Joshua Sieger. Sieger, a keen lover of boats, developed the idea from a general consensus in boating circles that there was a need for a reliable gas detection device.  The Siegistor was launched by J&S Sieger Ltd with great effect and set the benchmark for catalytic bead flammable gas detection technology. Following the immense success of catalytic bead technologies, J&S Sieger Ltd’s reputation grew rapidly, attracting the interest of some major organizations.  In 1961 the company was commissioned by Shell to devise an entire gas detection system for its white oil storage depot in Gibraltar.

In 1979 Zellweger Analytics, a division of the Zellweger Luwa group, acquired J&S Sieger Ltd., marking the company’s entry into flammable gas detection.  Over the next 17 years, a number of additional brands were acquired and brought into its growing family, including Neotronics Technology, acquired in 1996.

In addition to the range of industrial and commercial gas detectors, the company was able to move into the residential and consumer sector with the advent of its first Carbon Monoxide detector in 2000.

In 2005 market leader Honeywell acquired Zellweger Analytics to join its Life Safety Division and the company was renamed Honeywell Analytics.  Today, Honeywell Analytics has offices all over the world and sells its products globally to all types of industries and applications.  Thanks to its unique understanding of customer needs and constant commitment to developing new technologies, Honeywell Analytics remains a global leader in gas detection and a name that is synonymous with the highest standards of product, service and innovation.

eWON Inc.

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Breaking the barrier between industrial applications and IT standards, the mission of eWON is to connect industrial machines securely to the Internet, enabling easy remote access and gathering all types of technical data originating from industrial machines.

Typical applications within the scope of their mission include remote maintenance, predictive maintenance, remote services, asset management, remote metering, multi-site building management, M2M, and more.

Connecting machines across the Internet is their mission

LED Roadway Lighting

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LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. (LRL) is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED (light-emitting diode) based street and area lighting fixtures and control systems.  LRL is located in Nova Scotia, Canada, with research and design facilities in Halifax and a 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Amherst.

LRL offers a complete range of LED based street and area lighting fixtures that meet or exceed IES (Illuminating Engineering Society), CIE (Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage) and IDA (International Dark Sky Association) requirements.  LRL’s products are RoHS compliant (free of lead and mercury), provide energy savings of up to 80%, and substantially reduced maintenance costs.

Click Bond

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Click Bond, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Physical Systems, Inc., a Colorado Corporation. Physical Systems, Inc. was founded in 1969 in Colorado by a group of scientists and engineers to design and manufacture high technology products for the motion picture, computer, and health care industries. Major development contracts with West Coast clients led to the establishment of a Los Angeles engineering office in 1971 and manufacturing facilities in 1973. In 1980, Physical Systems constructed a 10,000 square foot building at the airport in Carson City, Nevada. A Colorado office was retained and all other locations closed.

In 1984, the Click Bond division was established to manufacture and market the Click Bond product line developed by Physical Systems, Inc. The Click Bond division was incorporated in Nevada in 1987 as Click Bond, Inc.  Since the inception of the Click Bond product line, 30 United States Patents and many International patents have been issued covering Click Bond products. Another United States patent will issue soon and three more are in the application process.

In keeping with the original vision of Physical Systems, research and development is still the driving force behind Click Bond and its products. Every day the scientists and engineers at Click Bond strive to improve their materials, manufacturing techniques, and products.

Leviton Security & Automation

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Leviton Security & Automation (formerly HAI by Leviton) creates integrated automation and security solutions for residential and commercial use. As a leader in home automation, Leviton Security & Automation offers a complete line of award-winning automation products, connecting all devices – from programmable communicating thermostats, smart light switches and distributed audio systems to video surveillance equipment and access control products – through touchscreen interfaces with VoIP and software that allows access and control of an automation system over the Internet or a smart phone.

Accendo Electronics

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Accendo Electronics Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of Industry leading energy efficient lighting products. They endeavour to help Industry be more competitive by significantly reducing the operating costs associated with lighting. Accendo is also dedicated to the Greening of the Environment. By replacing antiquated lighting systems with high efficiency digital lighting, they envision the over-all reduction of Industry CO2 emissions by reducing the demand of electricity from power utilities.

Their lighting innovations represent the highest quality with technological superiority in the area of performance and capability, delivering the most energy saving lighting solutions in the marketplace today. Accendo produces brighter, longer lasting light for less cost.

Accendo’s committed to the success of your Green lighting project with highly integrated off-shore and Canadian based production facilities, complimented by local warehousing, and advanced research, development and technical support facilities located in Markham, Ontario, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Accendo products are subjected to a 100% quality inspection and guaranteed with 3 to 5 Year Warranty Terms to meet the most stringent Industry standards for the global market.


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Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. is a software and electronics design company delivering affordable and effective energy management products and cloud based services for home and business.

The company’s flagship electricity monitoring product and MyFreeMonitor.com cloud service allows users to visualize electricity usage, identify waste, and cut electricity costs.

The Eyedro brand is sold through distributors and value-added resellers across USA and Canada, whereas the MyFreeMonitor service is operated as a standalone service that supports a broad range of electricity monitors on the market (including eyedro).


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Wera is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screw driving tools. The company is based in Wuppertal, Germany and develops and manufactures tools that meet the requirements of professional users.

Wera continues to inspire its customers with new and extraordinary designs for tools that produce better work results because of their special and often unique properties.
The range comprises more than 3,000 products with perfect solutions for specific problems.
For over 70 years Wera has concentrated on the development and production of screwdriving tools. The company has never lost its focus on its core product, which has made Wera a specialist manufacturer with a worldwide reputation.

Wera product development is geared towards satisfying the needs of professional users, which is why we continue to launch even better tools for the job, year after year. It comes as no surprise that Wera was voted as one of the five most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, across all industries. In 2009, for instance, Wera was given the iF product design award for the Wera Zyklop.


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Brickcom Corporation is a leading network video manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. Dedicated to providing the best IP surveillance solutions, the company is strategically located worldwide to provide prompt quality service. Brickcom has a solid foundation for engineering quality network video equipment with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless broadband networking equipment for over twenty years.