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Leviton Decora Smart™

29th January 2018       General Division

Leviton Decora Smart


Making Your Home Smarter

Why Decora Smart?

  •   Home automation allows you to control devices from your smartphone or tablet – sometimes through a hub with an internet connection and sometimes directly through an app.

  •   Leviton offers homeowners an exciting selection of automated dimmers, switches, outlets and plug-in products for automated control of lights, motor loads, appliances and more.

  •   All products universally support LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs, as well as coordinate with Leviton's popular line of Decora® devices.

  •   The products are backed with an impressive warranty and feature the latest technology with scheduling, full range dimming and adjustable fade rates.

Decora Smart for Apple & Google App

Decora Smart™ Applications

Decora Smart with Wifi Technology

Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology

  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • No hub required for local control, remote access, and scheduling
  • Leviton end user experience
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google
Decora Smart with Wifi Technology
Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology

Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology

  • Residential Apple Enthusiasts
  • No Hub Required
  • Add an Apple TV for remote access and scheduling
  • Apple end user experience using the Home app including third-party integration
Decora Smart with Wifi Technology
Decora Smart with Z-Wave Technology

Decora Smart with Z-Wave Technology

  • Connectivity with industry hubs including Samsung SmartThings
  • Popular technology for security industry to all automation to monthly RMR
  • Popular technology with utilities and service providers to add automation
  • Most hubs support iOS and Android devices
Decora Smart with Wifi Technology

How Does It Work?

Wondering how these various devices work together to make your home a smart home? Or you might be thinking it will be hard to install? Watch this quick and easy Home Automation Guide Series:

Home Automation Guide Part 1

Home Automation Guide Part 2

Home Automation Guide Part 3

The Smart Home Experience

Explore the possibilities with Decora Smart™ Lighting Controls.

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