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16th November 2017       General Division

Manufacturer Spotlight Raychem


The Premier Brand of Pentair

What is Raychem?

Raychem is the premier brand of Pentair Thermal Management, a leading global provider of heat management systems. The Raychem brand is synonymous with self-regulating electric heat trace cables, as well as, heat trace components for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. In 1973, Raychem developed the first self-regulating electric heat trace cable. Today, Raychem products continue to be recognized as the finest in the world.

Pentair’s Thermal Management has a broad portfolio of complete quality systems and services ensure innovative electrical solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. They are able to do this by pairing with industry leading technologies of product brands such as Raychem, who can provide a comprehensive range of standard, modified, and custom-engineered solutions.

History of Raychem to Penatir’s Thermal Management

Raychem to Pentair Timeline

Why Raychem?

1. Brand of Pentair:

Pentair Industries was founded in 1966. Their main emphasis is to know their customers and anticipating the needs of the marketplace through investing in research & development, acquisition, and pairing with the leading technologies of product brands. Due to this, Pentair Industries holds a number of patents for products essential to today's industries.

2. Multiple Applications:

Raychem’s building & infrastructure solutions focus on keeping people and infrastructure protected, enhancing building performance, and bringing comfort into the home. Applications include pipe freeze protection, snow melting and de-icing, floor heating, fire-rated wiring, and sensing solutions for commercial and residential use to keep people safe from harm and enhance building performance.

3. Unique Products:

Even though Raychem developed the first self-regulating electric heat trace cable in 1973, it still remains unique today because of its ability to adjust its power output to compensate for pipe temperature changes. Raychem’s products can also be cut-to-length and can be terminated or extended on the job site, making them easy to design with, install and maintain.

4. Quality Products:

Raychem heating cables remain the industry standard in electric heat tracing. The products are sustainable, easy to install and use, and are relied upon by building investors, owners and professionals in commercial, residential and infrastructure markets around the world.

5. Innovation:

Even Heat Distribution- The even dispersion of conductive particles in the core of all Raychem brand self-regulating heating cables means uniform heat distribution internally and along the entire length of the heating cable. This uniform distribution of carbon particles prevents localized internal overheating and maximizes the life of the cable.

No Cold Spots! No Hot Spots! No Burnouts!- All Raychem brand self-regulating heating cables have good contact between the conductive core and the parallel bus wires eliminating localized hot or cold spots and premature cable failure. This prevents under heating or overheating and increases reliability.

Efficient Heat Transfer- The tight fit of the insulating jacket on all Raychem self-regulating heating cables maximizes the transfer of heat from cable to pipe, saving energy while eliminating premature aging of the cable.

Pentair Raychem is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

Pentair and E.B. Horsman & Son have been partners for the past 20+ years. Pentair Thermal’s ‘Customer First’ edict means they are committed to making it easy for customers/partners to do business with them. They provide key support, training, and sales tools to our staff to ensure that they are able to provide our customers safe solutions that they can trust.

Together we are making a more secure world

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