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27th June 2017       Lighting Division

Manufacturer Spotlight Standard Products


STANDARD PRODUCTS INC., a Canadian family owned business, offers a full range of energy efficient lighting solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets. STANDARD was founded in 1961, starting off as a toy import company and expanded to the electrical industry in the early 80’s by focussing on electrical tape. The company’s offering quickly evolved to include lamps and lighting components.

Today STANDARD does not only offer lighting components, but rather provides complete lighting solutions (LED lamps and luminaires as well as traditional lighting products), concentrating on replacement, new construction, and retrofit business. Their goal is to provide lighting solutions that help their customers improve the quality of their lighting systems, enhance the overall ambiance, while reducing energy, maintenance and operating costs.

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As a leader in the industry, STANDARD is proud to give back to its community: through its partnership with Habitat for Humanity Canada, through its Annual Donation Day, EFC Scholarship Program, and many other initiatives. In addition, like E.B. Horsman, STANDARD is a Platinum member and one of Canada's Best Managed Companies.


1. Quality assurance and Product innovation:

To ensure strict quality control, STANDARD inspects and tests all new products in its own lab, evaluating dimming, operation temperature, aging, and all features to make sure we offer the best quality products. Also, STANDARD is constantly seeking unique solutions and work to better understand end user and installer needs when designing lighting products.

2. Sales Force

Lighting experts and the largest in the industry

STANDARD has the largest sales force in the industry, which allows them to be more present, not only at the distributor level but also with end-users and contractors. Their sales representatives work on active business development in the field and as experts in lighting, are also available to provide product training for distributors and contractors.

3. Turn-Key Solution:

From product selection to energy and savings analysis

Not only does STANDARD offer a full range of innovative lighting solutions, backed by warranty, but also many services such as a free energy audit, fixture count, and lighting layout. Not to forget, STANDARD also oversees the paperwork for utility rebates. The lighting specialists at STANDARD work in conjunction with our distribution channel to propose the best solutions for our end-users.

STANDARD is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

STANDARD has been a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son for over 14 years. By overseeing and recommending lighting solutions and providing extensive training for our staff, you can rest assure that you will be satisfied with your STANDARD lighting product. Our staff can help you choose the right product that best suits your need, whether it is LED or traditional lamps, and assist you throughout your project from start to finish. With STANDARD’s support, E.B. Horsman & Son is always able to get you the right products when you need them.

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