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Rittal Top Therm Fans & Filter Units

9th June 2017       General Division

Rittal Summer Cooling Fans



Top Therm Fan and Filter Units

Faster - Better - Worldwide

Why switch to Rittal’s TopTherm Top Fan?

Faster – thanks to assembly without tools

Simplify your assembly work and save valuable time by eliminating the use for tools for key tasks: Mounting on the enclosure, reversal of the air flow direction, electrical connection and fast filter mat replacement.

Better – thanks to the innovative diagonal fan technology

The pressure stability of the diagonal fans promises greater energy efficiency and a more constant air throughput – that is even more effective in helping to prevent hot spots.

Worldwide – thanks to global compatibility with the existing product range

We are making the switch as simple as possible by preserving all existing throughput ratings and installation dimensions.

Rittal Cooling Fans

Features & Benefits

Tool-Free Assembly

  • Straightforward assembly, exchange and maintenance with no need for tools of any kind
  • Simple reversal of the air flow direction by turning the fan module
  • Individual positioning of the power connection
  • Spring clamp terminals for electrical connection without tools
  • Latch on louvred grill for fast filter mat replacement without tools

Efficient Technology

  • Air throughput from 20 to 900 m³/h
  • New diagonal fan technology for greater pressure stability and constant air flows in use, even with a contaminated filter mat
  • Minimum installation depth
  • Flow-optimised air routing
  • Extended service life of filter mats and thus longer maintenance intervals

Air Routing

  • Intelligent symbiosis of radial and axial fan technology
  • Air flow spreads diagonally from the fan, promoting a more even air distribution in the enclosure

Rittal Cooling Fans

Part Number Product Discription
3237110 115V, 15 CFM, 5"x5"x2"(HxWxD)
3237100 230V, 15 CFM, 5"x5"x2"(HxWxD)
3238110 115V, 39 CFM, 6"x6"x3"(HxWxD)
3238100 230V, 39 CFM, 6"x6"x3"(HxWxD)
3239110 115V, 71 CFM, 8"x8"x4.5"(HxWxD)
3239100 230V, 71 CFM, 8"x8"x4.5"(HxWxD)
3240110 115V, 94 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3240100 230V, 94 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3241110 115V, 147 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3241100 230V, 147 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3243110 115V, 353 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3243100 230V, 353 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3244110 115V, 453 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3244100 230V, 453 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)

Exhaust Filter Assembly

Part Number Product Discription
3237200 5"x5"x0.06"(HxWxD)
3238200 6"x6"x0.06"(HxWxD)
3239200 8"x8"x1"(HxWxD)
3240200 10"x10"x1"(HxWxD)
3243200 13"x13"x1"(HxWxD)

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