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Rittal TopTherm Fans & Filter Units

21st June 2018       General Division

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Rittal Summer Cooling Fans

About Fans & Filter Units

Fan and filter units provide a low profile design, minimal noise and a cost-effective high output cooling option. However, compared to other cooling solutions, the ambient air must be relatively clean with a temperature below the desired enclosure's internal temperature.

Why Rittal TopTherm Fans & Filter Units?

Everything about TopTherm is designed to be simple. TopTherm filter fans' quick-fit technology enables them to easily snap into prepared mounting cutouts. Additionally, reversing the fan motors to change the airflow direction is just as easy. The easily accessible louvered grill latches ensure effortless and efficient replacement of the filter mats, with no supplementary tools required. Rittal also ensures that TopTherm is also globally compatible with any existing product range. This makes the switch as simple as possible and preserves all existing throughput ratings and installation dimensions.

The CSA certified TopTherm fan and filter units are also NEMA 12 out of the box, and NEMA 3R/4/4X with the rain hood!

TopTherm Fans

Features & Benefits

Tool-Free Assembly

  • Straightforward assembly, exchange and maintenance with no need for tools of any kind
  • Simple reversal of the air flow direction by turning the fan module
  • Individual positioning of the power connection
  • Spring clamp terminals for electrical connection without tools
  • Latch on louvered grill for fast filter mat replacement without tools
  • Quick and easy filter mat exchange

Efficient Technology

  • Air throughput from 20 to 700 m³/h
  • A full range of available voltages bring cooling to any configuration.
  • New diagonal air flow technology for higher volume and more consistent cooling, even with a contaminated filter mat
  • Effective in helping to prevent hot spots
  • Minimum installation depth
  • Flow-optimised air routing
  • Extended service life of filter mats and thus longer maintenance intervals

Air Routing

  • Intelligent symbiosis of radial and axial fan technology
  • Air flow spreads diagonally from the fan, promoting a more even air distribution in the enclosure

Rittal Cooling Fans

Part Number Product Discription
3237110 115V, 15 CFM, 5"x5"x2"(HxWxD)
3237100 230V, 15 CFM, 5"x5"x2"(HxWxD)
3238110 115V, 39 CFM, 6"x6"x3"(HxWxD)
3238100 230V, 39 CFM, 6"x6"x3"(HxWxD)
3239110 115V, 71 CFM, 8"x8"x4.5"(HxWxD)
3239100 230V, 71 CFM, 8"x8"x4.5"(HxWxD)
3240110 115V, 94 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3240100 230V, 94 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3241110 115V, 147 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3241100 230V, 147 CFM, 10"x10"x5"(HxWxD)
3243110 115V, 353 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3243100 230V, 353 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3244110 115V, 453 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)
3244100 230V, 453 CFM, 13"x13"x5.6"(HxWxD)

Exhaust Filter Assembly

Part Number Product Discription
3237200 5"x5"x0.06"(HxWxD)
3238200 6"x6"x0.06"(HxWxD)
3239200 8"x8"x1"(HxWxD)
3240200 10"x10"x1"(HxWxD)
3243200 13"x13"x1"(HxWxD)


TopTherm Hose Proof Hood
Part Number Product Discription For
3237080 9"x6"x26"(HxWxD) 3237...
3239080 13"x9"x2"(HxWxD) 3239...
3240080 15"x11"x3"(HxWxD) 3240, 3241...

Hose-proof hoods prevent water entry and if mounted above a filter fan unit or outlet filter a rating of IP 56 (UL 4X) to EN 60 529/10.91 is achieved. This is particularly suitable for use in the food industry.

Protection Ratings:

  • In conjunction with the filter fan units/outlet filters, UL Type 3R, 4 or 4X is met.
  • UL and cUL recognized
  • UL file: E76083
  • NEMA 3R/4/4X

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