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Persia™ Heating Cable Mat

9th October 2017       General Division

stelpro persia mats now in custom sizes


Why Persia™ Heating Cable Mats?

°STELPRO’s heating cable mat adds comfort and a touch of luxury to your home. The Persia™ mat has a host of advantages making it the ideal floor heating system for you. It can be installed under most types of floor coverings, can be custom sized to meet your specific room layout as well as being available in a host of standard sizes.

Furthermore, the electromagnetic fields are almost non-existent with the Persia™ heating cable mat, meaning it is safe for your crawling toddlers and the rest of your family. The mats also have a membrane that is made from a durable, non-woven fabric, which makes it easy to install and protects it from tool-damage. This makes Persia™ incomparable to other heating mats in the market.

New Stelpro Persia™ Mat


  • Quick, safe and easy installation
  • Can be installed under most types of floor coverings
  • Silent, safe and cost-effective
  • Even heat throughout the surface
  • A safe , durable and maintenance-free heating solution
  • Allows more space for furniture and decorations
  • Perfect for people suffering from allergies: no air movement, no dust and no smell
  • Ideal for hard-to-heat areas
  • Heating from the ground up, providing optimal comfort
  • Electromagnetic fields almost nonexistent
  • 25 year warranty
Types of Floor Coverings



  • Very thin (less than 1/8 in. thickness)
  • Twin heating cables made from high quality thermoplastic polymers, covered and laminated on both sides with a durable non-woven fabric
  • Meets the following standards: CAN/ CSA-C22.2 No. 130-03 for usage markings G, X and W; UL 1673; ANSI/IEEE 515.1 for type C
  • Standard length of 10 feet (3 m) for the power lead wires (other lengths available under special orders)


  • Can be installed on either side, in any direction
  • Concrete slab or plywood sub-flooring
  • Compatible with all types of mortar, adhesive mortar, polymer-modified mortar and self-leveling mortar usually used for floor coverings
  • Can be installed under most types of floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, slate, marble, granite, floating floors, laminates, vinyl tiles, linoleum, carpet, etc.


  • 12 W/sq.ft. at 240 V

Models Available

  • 240 Voltage
  • Standard Size Models and Custom Size Models


  • 25 year warranty


The Persia™ Heating Cable Mat can be used in a variety of rooms regardless of size. Some common applications include: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, basements, hallways, daycare centers, locker rooms and small spaces.

Persia Mats Applications


For more information see the documents below or contact one of our customer representatives:

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