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What We Do

With Siemens products at the core, E.B. Horsman provides and supports a full range of Industrial Automation solutions for any application. Our highly trained staff assists with components selection, design, and commissioning of industrial systems built around Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Industrial PCs, remote IOs and IIoT devices. In accompaniment with the Siemens line, EBH offers the same level of service for Turck, Banner, Festo and RedLion.

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Automation, Industrial Controls, & Motion
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EPLAN Solutions Guide

EPLAN Solutions Guide

Are you looking for an engineering solution that will reduce your time-to-market, increase quality, and enable you to efficiently design complex yet flexible machines? EPLAN offers a suite of products with diverse engineering requirements that enables you to pick and choose software that is suitable for your project, the structure of your team, and the process you follow to engineer your solutions and products.

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Product Spotlight: EPLAN

The most complete and efficient engineering design tool – EPLAN is far more than just an illustration software. Based on a complex database and high modularity, it addresses the engineering needs for a variety of industries. Learn more about EPLAN in our product spotlight.

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Fourth Industrial Revolution

Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution

Wondering how to stay competitive in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution? Our Automation & Industrial Controls experts walk you through the elements of this revolution and reveal some of the secrets used by Siemens in leading this revolution.

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Control Cabinet

Siemens is a recognized global leader in the Variable Frequency Drives market. We have specialists who have hands-on knowledge and expertise on VFD technology ready to assist you motion control needs.

Custom Engineered Products

Do you need a solution that is not on our shelf? Our specialists can assist in the design of your application and provide integration partners who can build and certify your application to either CSA or UL standards.

Industrial Automation

EB Horsman is an exclusive Siemens Industrial Distributor in British Columbia. We support Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interface (HMIs), Industrial PCs, and the software that makes it all work together. Our team has hands-on experience with the equipment we sell and support.