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Your Guide to SINAMICS G120 Drives

26th April 2017       Automation & Controls Division

SINAMICS G120 Drives



About SINAMICS Drives Family

Whether it’s a matter of efficient pumping, ventilating and compressing, or precise movement, processing, or machining, the number of application areas for frequency converters is almost endless. So it’s good that there is one family of drives for all of these areas that fulfills every requirement perfectly: SINAMICS. Our portfolio represents uniform engineering, extremely high efficiency and convenient operation.

The Right Drive All the Time

Siemens innovative design provides the right frequency converter for every drive application. Products range from basic drives, dynamic servo drives for Motion Control to medium voltage drives — plus tailored solutions. SINAMICS is the worlds largest drives family for frequency converters.

About SINAMICS G120 Drives

SINAMICS G120 is a modular, space-saving, and rugged vector drive. Irrespective of whether pumping, compressing, moving or processing: SINAMICS G120 is the universal drive to address the widest range of requirements.

Why SINAMICS G120 Drives

Its modular design and wide range of power ratings extending from 0.55 kW up to 250 kW ensures that you can configure the optimum inverter for your particular application.


The modular SINAMICS G120 is suitable for applications with medium continuous motion or basic discontinuous motion requirements in:

  • Pumping/ventilating/compressing
  • Moving
  • Processing
SINAMICS G120 Drives
SINAMICS G120 Drives

Features & Benefits

Built-in DC Reactor

Siemens G120 Drives have built-in DC reactors on all 600V, 480V (25HP and up), and 240V (15HP and up). This eliminates the need for external line reactors and also reduces footprint in your enclosure. Additional advantages are lower Harmonic Distortion and longer motor distances without the need for a load reactor (up to 75 meters).

Easy to use Intelligent Operator Panel and USB cable

The operator panel is extremely simple to use, with built-in application wizards, commissioning tools and diagnostic capabilities. If you require more in depth commissioning, you can use the USB interface and the complimentary Siemens software to connect to the VFD and fine-tune the parameters.

E.B. Horsman Value-Adds

i. Turn-key solutions – pre-built VFD panels with accessories and commissioning
ii. Sizing from simple to complex applications with variable duty cycles
iii. On-site troubleshooting and technical support


The G120 drives are modular with separate Control Unit, Power Module and Operator Panel. The Power Module contains all the power electronics and IGBTs, whereas the Control Unit contains the intelligence, I/O and Communication ports. This configurations opens up a world of comfort in terms of maintenance, cost saving and shorter downtimes. Your VFD failed due to a power surge? Simply replace the Power Module and Keep the Control Unit intact, saving you the hassle of rewiring and reprogramming. Did you know that you can use any Control Unit for any Power Module size?

Space - s a v i n g , Safe, and Flexible, everything you want in your VFD

Communication Protocol Flexibility

The G120 drives can talk Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP, BACnet, Modbus and CANopen

SINAMICS G120 Drives Product and Offerings

Products & Offerings

G120 Model Selection

SINAMICS G120 Power Module

Select your Power Module based on your application requirements

Required Input and Output Voltage Motor information such as:

  • Full-Load Current
  • Power (In HP or kW)
Type of Application:
  • Variable Torque: these are applications with relatively low overload requirement, such as pumps and fans
  • Constant Torque: these applications require a higher overload duty cycle, such as conveyors, crushers, mixers and compressors
Energy Recovery Vs. Standard Application:
  • PM240-2: Power Module with Standard braking response with braking chopper. Ideal for standard applications in general machinery.
  • PM250: Power Module with Innovative braking response with energy recovery. Ideal for applications requiring energy recovery

SINAMICS G120 Control Unit

Select your Control Unit. Depending on communication requirements, number of I/O, encoder functionality and more, options are:


  • For pump specialty
  • General purpose
  • Positioning capability

SINAMICS G120 Operator Panel

Select your optional Operator Panel for easy and efficient local operations and monitoring of the SINAMICS G120

The Operator Panels has been designed to enhance the interface and communications capabilities of SINAMICS Inverters.

Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP)

  • Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) is an extremely userfriendly operator interface with built-in commissioning wizards, diagnostics and troubleshooting tools. It also includes extended features such as easy setup for Hand- OFF-Auto configuration.
Basic Operator Panel (BOP)
  • Basic Operator Panel (BOP) is a simplified operator interface with basic commissioning and troubleshooting capabilities

SINAMICS G120 Drives Configured



Ready to order yours? See below for EBH Stocking Options or contact one of our Automation Cotnrols specialists by email at or by phone at 888.HORSMAN

EBH Stocking Options

Product Discription Part Number
STEP 1: Siemens G120, 600VAC Power Units - 500-690VAC 3-Phase input
VT/CT HP: 5/4HP; VT/CT Current (A): 14/11 A 6SL3210-5HP690VAC
VT/CT HP: 7.5/5HP; VT/CT Current (A): 14/11 A 6SL3210-7HP690VAC
VT/CT HP: 10/7.5HP; VT/CT Current (A): 14/11 A 6SL3210-1PH21-4UL0
VT/CT HP: 15/10HP; VT/CT Current (A): 19/14 A 6SL3210-1PH22-0UL0
VT/CT HP: 20/15HP; VT/CT Current (A): 23/19 A 6SL3210-1PH22-3UL0
VT/CT HP: 30/20HP; VT/CT Current (A): 35/27 A 6SL3210-1PH23-5UL0
Looking for 40-80 horsepower range? Call or email us and we’ll provide you the appropriate part numbers. 1.778.545.9916 or 888.HORSMAN
STEP 2: Siemens G120, Control Units
CU240B-2 (Analog or USS/Modbus Protocol) 6SL3244-0BB00-1BA1
CU240B-2 DP (PROFIBUS) 6SL3244-0BB00-1PA1
CU240E-2 PN (PROFINET/EthernetIP) 6SL3244-0BB12-1FA0
STEP 3: Siemens G120 Optional Operastor Panel and Accessories
Intelligent Operator Panel (IOP) 6SL3255-0AA00-4JA1
Basic Operator Panel (BOP) 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1
Door Mounting Kit for IOP/BOP 6SL3256-0AP00-0JA0

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