Opticom Fever Measurement Camera

Posted on , Wednesday 6th of May 2020

The Opticom Temperature Measurement System (OPT-7MFTD) is equipped with an infrared camera and a built-in body temperature detection module, which can determine a person’s temperature within 300milliseconds when they stand in front of it. The camera quickly scans to keep traffic moving and ensures that businesses have an additional layer of protection for their staff and clients. Contact your local E.B. Horsman representative for more information and pricing.


  • Facial recognition detection: just under 10ft / 3m
  • Forehead temperature detection: 10-15" / 25-40cm
  • Alarm for temperature over 99.1°F / 37.3°C
  • Scans quickly to keep traffic moving
  • Floor stand, desktop stand, or turnstile options

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Opticom CC02 Industrial Camera

Posted on , Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Opticom’s CC02 camera is uniquely designed to meet the rugged environmental demands of heavy industrial applications. The virtually indestructible titanium alloy housing ensures long camera life by shielding the imaging components from dust, moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

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Liebert GXT5 Online UPS Systems

Posted on , Sunday 1st of March 2020

High availability does not have to come at the cost of efficiency with the Liebert GXT5 UPS Systems. Available in 500VA to 10kVA power capacities, this on-line UPS offers a zero battery transfer time, increased reliability, and intelligent monitoring systems that ensure continuity through any power disturbance.

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Industrial BradyPrinter - M611 Mobile Printer

Posted on , Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Nowadays, having the right tools on hand is crucial when working at job sites. With the BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Printer, powered by Brady Workstation Software, you can combine the convenience of your mobile device with the dependable printing capabilities of a Brady printer.

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Leviton Atlas-X1 Copper Connector

Posted on , Wednesday 25th of October 2017

The Atlas-X1 is the industry's first connector to support shielded applications from Category 8 to 5e and UTP applications from Category 6A to 5e, all from one unified form factor. Its toolless and unified termination method allows you to re-terminate the Atlas-X1 if needed.

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