Cooling Promo: IT Cooling

Posted on , Tuesday 9th of June 2020

Beat the Heat Summer Promotion ends on September 30, 2020!

Great news! This year, Rittal Canada decided to extend the Industrial Cooling Promotion to their IT Cooling solutions.

Smart Edge Solutions are designed for quick & easy deployment in working environments. Each solution is tailored to maximize the use of the rack space, control cooling, and offer remote monitoring and management. From small offices, network closets, factory floors to disaster recovery sites, these solutions have you covered.

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Rittal TS 8 Modular Enclosure

Posted on , Monday 8th of June 2020

Modular enclosures provide the protection required for industrial drives, controls and other equipment, along with the practical flexibility to evolve with the changing demands of modern business—all while saving time and money over the course of their life cycles.

Learn about Rittal’s TS 8 Modular enclosure in this Product Spotlight:

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Closer Look at Level - Siemens Case Study

Posted on , Saturday 6th of June 2020

We all love a good instrumentation showdown: are you Team Radar or Team Ultrasonics?

For process technicians day in and day out, a one-technology-fits-all approach is simply unrealistic. Both technologies are absolutely stellar in some applications and not-so-great in others: the wise are the ones who know when to use which technology without getting lost in the hype.

Learn more here in this Siemens article: 

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COVID Business Safety Solutions

Posted on , Friday 5th of June 2020

The combination of Banner sensors, indicators, controllers to deliver an automated are countless. Ensure your employees and customers are safe in all areas of your facilities.

With a wireless peel-and-stick solution, Banner Engineering has created tested and trusted monitoring and indication for industrial surface cleaning. In this era of COVID-19, create and maintain a clean, confident work culture.

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Instukem K-San Hand Sanitizer

Posted on , Thursday 4th of June 2020

K-SAN is an antiseptic hand gel that kills harmful bacteria and germs. It contains 70% (v/v) alcohol. The glycerin enriched formula hydrates and softens the skin. This product is ideal for daycares, schools, offices, factories, restaurants, sports centers, and more!

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