Upgrade Your UPS With Vertiv's Trade-In Program

21st July 2020   |   Data Communications

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Did you know that you can upgrade your UPS unit and save money at the same time? You can reduce the cost of your next upgrade by participating in the Vertiv trade-in program. To participate all you need is an accepted UPS unit. Once your submission is received a discount will applied and pickup issued, easy and simple. You register your unit, have you unit recycled properly, and then have your new upgraded UPS installed.

How Does the Trade-In Program Work?


In order to qualify for a discount a deal must be registered. All requests will be approved within 4 hours of request


Non-Vertiv single phase UPS are acceptable. All units are shipped to a verified recycling partner where parts are scrapped and properly recycled. Customers will receive a certificate of destruction. Those who gain approval will receive a shipping label to send their units for recycling.


Choose a unit based off your needs. New systems are more efficient and afford better protection at lower operating costs.

Available options:

  • Vertiv Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS
  • Vertiv Liebert PSI UPS
  • Vertiv Liebert GXT UPS

Once the Trade-In form is complete and the customer has removed the old equipment Vertiv will begin the process of pick up and recycling. All product picked up and sent to the Recycler will be crushed and the scrap recycled. No products will be chopped for parts or resold in whole. The discount is applied on the front end of the purchase price, amounts are calculated based on the list price of the new purchased equipment. Accepted Trade-In registrations will receive the discount at time of quote. The partner will need to submit another deal registration and trade-in request if the purchase take longer than a year.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you have a rack-mount UPS system?
  • How does your company currently back up their rackmount equipment
  • Are you palnning on expanding, reducing, or replacing your rackmount UPS fleet?
  • Do you require a certificate of recycling or destruction based on your state or local laws?
  • Is the operating efficiency of an older system causing your utility bills to be a drag on your budget?
  • Is your UPS system more than five years old?
  • Are you frequently servicing old units?


Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. E.B. Horsman & Son has specialists on site who can attend to your inquiries. Download the spec sheet for more detailed information.

Inquire Trade-In Instructions

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