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26th September 2017       General Division

Manufacturer Spotlight Stelpro

“The Global Comfort Solution: 360 Comfort!”

Who is °STELPRO?

°STELPRO is a Quebec-based family-owned manufacturer established in 1981 and has been renowned in the electric heating industry, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC), and electronic controls. As a North American leader in its market, °STELPRO offers quality heating products designed and manufactured in Canada providing maximum performance, safety, and innovative design.

°STELPRO has two plants, one in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and another in Grand-Mère, Quebec, where they manufacture and sell 800,000 heating devices annually at the highest standards.


1. Unparalleled customer service and sales teams:

°STELPRO’s 500+ employees offer an unparalleled level of professional, knowledgeable and responsive service.

2. Unrivalled Quality Assurance:

Vertical integration ensures optimized production processes. °STELPRO’s motto is and has always been, “Get it right the first time, every time!” a principle that is an integral part of the °STELPRO culture and one that is embodied every day by our employees.

3. The Best Warranty in the Industry:

You can buy with confidence and reassurance!

4. Research and Development:

Reaching new heights in product innovation and improvement

5. Marketing and Advertising:

°STELPRO has a strong brand recognition and market presence

6. Brilliant and Unique Designs:

°STELPRO product designs appeal to novice and sophisticated users alike

7. The most complete product selection in the industry:

You can choose from over 50 different product lines from baseboards and convectors, to unit heaters, fan heaters, thermostats, and heating cable

Stelpro Heating Portfolio

°STELPRO is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

°STELPRO and E.B. Horsman & Son are two proudly Canadian and family-owned businesses who have been trusted partners since 2002. Their unique portfolio provides our customers with relevant products, great performance, efficiency, and striking designs. Like E.B. Horsman & Son, °STELPRO is part of a proficient list of companies that make up Canada’s Best Managed Companies. This ensures that our customers are only getting the best from a company that focuses on growth, product quality, and improvement in the productivity in its facilities.

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