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Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing

7th February 2019

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Specialty Electrical Tools for Electricians by Electricians

Who is Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing?

Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing designs and distributes innovative, specialty electrical tools.

It all started in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1994, when two professional electricians envisioned a better way to get the job done. From that vision, came the Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser – the company’s first product (proudly made in Canada) that is now used by hundreds of thousands of electricians all over the world.

The success of the original Rack-A-Tiers Wire Dispenser inspired the company to develop and bring to market more innovative solutions to help electricians do their jobs faster, easier, and safer.

Rack-A-Tiers Latest Ideas and Products

You would be surprised how many times the staff at Rack-A-Tiers hear electricians say, “I wish I thought of that” or “Hey, that is just like the solution I imagined”. Every year hundreds of tradesmen worldwide contact the B.C. based factory with their inventions, proto-types, drawings and sometimes it is just to share ideas of what problems in the field need solving. This is how Rack-A-Tiers grows their offering – using the old fashion way of listening to the customer.

Today, Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing offers a catalogue of over 60 pages of innovative products, each solving real problems that electricians face every day. Some of the product categories include:

  • Cable Protection

  • Coloured Driver Bits

  • Copper Wire Strippers

  • Hole Cutters & Accessories

  • Mag Daddy & Connectors
  • Pop-Up Outlets

  • Testers, Controls & Cleanup

  • Tool Bags, Belts & Storage Trays

  • Tools, Flashlights & Books

  • Wire & Conduit Bending
  • Wire Management

  • Wire Dispensing

  • Wire Pulling & Fishing

  • Robertson Brand Screws and Fasteners

Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

For over 12 years E.B. Horsman has partnered with Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing knowing that Rack-A-Tiers will provide customers with a variety of unique quality products to increase workflow production. Most recently, Rack-A-Tiers and EBH partnered for a successful fundraiser that raised over $3,400 for Children's Hospital Charities in Western Canada!

We are two Western Canadian companies that serve and care about Western Canadian customers.

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