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Siemens Canada

18th April 2017          General

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Siemens Canada

About Siemens Canada

Any contractor, end-user or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the electrical industry has heard of the name Siemens; it has long been a leader in the electrical manufacturing industry.

For over 150 years, they have been known for engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability. Siemens innovation in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization has been a key factor in making its products the Canadian choice. Companies in various industries including commercial, residential, industrial and institutional, rely on Siemens to provide them with the products they need.

Why Siemens?

Siemens offers a wide selection of products and services in several divisions:

1. Industrial Automation

Siemens has a unique automation portfolio: from integrated drives and smart controllers to innovative PLM software. Industrial automation is continuously evolving and demanding increased productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality. With Siemens comprehensive offering for automation technology and digitalization of production, you will have the competitive advantage to become a leader in your field. Buy Siemens S7-1500 Programmable Logic Controllers from E.B. Horsman.

2. Industrial Communication

The backbone of any industrial system is the reliability of its communication network. Challenging environmental conditions, multiple network protocols to negotiate, and a greater number of devices requiring monitoring are just a few of the challenges in setting up a reliable Industrial Communication Network. Our EBH staff is there to help you identify your challenges and how to overcome them with Siemens products. Siemens promises intelligent, communication capable products that protect your equipment and business and help you improve productivity.

3. Drive & Motors

Around the world, Siemens provide future-proof automation, drive technology, industrial software, and services based on best-in-class technology platforms such as Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and Integrated Drive Systems (IDS). Siemens is also globally recognized as a leader in the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) market, and E.B. Horsman has specialists with hands-on knowledge and expertise on VFD technology and is ready to assist with your motion control needs.

Ask us about Siemens SINAMICS G120 Variable Frequency Drive today.

4. Power Distribution

Siemens Low and Medium Voltage serves the entire product, system and solution business for the power distribution infrastructure. This includes distribution for commercial, residential, industrial and utility applications. As part of its power distribution division, Siemens offers variety of loadcentres that fit your power distribution needs. From small loadcentres, riser panels and three phase loadcentres, to the SEQ and EQL Loadcentre series, Siemens has the highest quality, most complete offering on the market. With Siemens advanced distribution products, you can avoid expensive power interruptions, equipment breakdowns and start-up costs.

Did you know that Siemens has loadcentres with white panels to meet modern designs? To learn more about Siemens loadcentres, read our buying guide.

5. Industrial Controls & Controls Distribution

Siemens provide comprehensive industrial control technology offering at practically every level of your facility. With Siemens flexible and dependable products, you can meet the market’s unprecedented efficiency demands. From pilot devices to Motor Control centers, we have all your needs covered when building your distribution and motor control architecture.

Call your local EBH representative and ask them about your Controls needs.

6. Process Measurement

Siemens offers comprehensive portfolio offering best-in-class transmitters for the widest range of applications. It believes in building products that allow you to measure anything and everything whether it is pressure, temperature, flow or level. In addition, you can also find electropneumatic positioners, process controllers and process recorders at Siemens. Whatever you are wanting to measure, we can guide you to the right Siemens products for your application.

Siemens Canada is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

Siemens sells more than products; it adds value for customers, enabling them to increase their productivity in every part of the value chain. With precise knowledge of the different market segments, it can help you respond faster and more specifically to new market requirements and developments, and thus strengthening your competitiveness. E.B. Horsman recognizes Siemens excellence in providing premium products and services, and we strive to continue growing our partnership with Siemens.


E.B. Horsman is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive industrial distributor for Siemens Automation, Drive, Control and Process Instrumentation products in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan! Talk to one of our sales specialists to find the best fit for your next project.

To learn more about Siemens products and services, click here.


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