PLC Interface Relay: Finder 39 Series

4th June 2021   |   Product Spotlights

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Siemens Circuit Breaker 3VA line
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About The Finder 39 Series

The 39 series is an Interface type Relay that offers an optional fused module that protects the output contact. It can be used for Interfacing with available PLC type products. As compared to many competitors, this Finder product also allows the customer to add a muse module, which is designed to protect the output contact.

Since the product is only 6mm wide, it can also be used for any Single contact relay applications, where Panel space may be limited.

39 Series Features & Benefits

  • Versions with Electromechanical (EMR) or Solid State (SSR) relays
  • Supply voltage from 6 to 240 V AC/DC, 230 V AC, 110, 125 and 220 V DC
  • Width: 6.2mm
  • Versions with screw terminals and Push-in terminals

Things to keep in mind when buying 39 Series Interface Relay

  • It is important that the customer chooses the Correct Coil Voltage
  • If the customer uses a Fuse module, again it is very important that they match the correct voltage.

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Why Choose Finder 39 Series Interface Relay?


Rather than using separate fusing, the customer now can have a fused output integrated within the same product. The fuse module includes a status LED showing the customer if the fuse is working correctly or not.

Stock Availability

Recently stock levels from various manufacturers has seen a lot of various delays. EBH and Finder Components Inc. offer the customer excellent stock levels supported by superior customer service.


The 39 series is very price competitive, offering the customer fairs costs for a great solution.

Accessories & Replacement Components

Accessories like jumper links, offer the customer easier wiring options, therefore saving them time to wire the panel.

Shop Relay Accessories

  • Output fuse module with LED status indicator Type, 12...24 V AC/DC
  • Output fuse module with LED status indicator Type, 110...230 V AC
  • 16-way jumper link, possibility of multiple connection, side by side Type 093.16
  • Master ADAPTER ribbon cable connector Type
  • Terminal doubler Type 093.62
  • Dual-purpose plastic separator Type 093.60

39 Series Interface Relay Applications

  • PLC Interfacing
  • Greenhouses, OEM, Panel Builders
  • Where a customer may require space savings
    • Certification:
    • CSA, cRUus, C E.

Pole Options

  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)
  • Three Pole Double Throw (3PDT)
  • Four Pole Double Throw (4PDT)

Control Voltage

  • 4.5Vdc, up to 125Vdc
  • 5Vac, up to 230Vac
    • Current Rated Amperage: 1-30 maximum

How Is The Relay Mounted??

  • Socket mount (Plug In)
  • If yes, choose appropriate socket as well
  • P.C.B. Mount (Printed Circuit Board
  • Direct Din Rail

PLC Interface Relay: 39 Series

Part Number Description 12Vac/dc-24Vac/dc Version
30VC3006 120Vac/dc Version
30VC3010 230Vac/dc Version

39 Series Relay Accessories

Part Number Description 12-24Vac/dc Fuse module 125-230 Vac/dc Fuse module 110-240Vac/dc Fuse module
093.16 16 16 way Blue Jumper
093.16.0 16 way Black Jumper
093.16.1 16 way Red Jumper Master Adapter
093.62 Terminal Doubler
093.60 Plastic Separator

Automation, Controls & Motion

Automation and industrial controls can help you optimize the performance of existing equipment, create new efficiencies in your manufacturing process, meet standards in a new destination country or re-engineer your panel to reduce size and cost.

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Finder is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

Finder are the perfect partner to assist with any Relay, or Timer request that they gain from their customers. Finder and EBH Started their business relationship in 2007 and since then have enjoyed cooperative sales efforts, Branch BBQ’s/Supplier events


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