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Opticom CC02 Camera

26th November 2018       Data Communications

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Opticom CC02 Industrial Camera

Industrial Video Products

Opticom’s industrial video products are built and tested specifically for use in hazardous environments. The environments could be wet, dusty, or they could have a high amount of vibration and extreme temperatures.


CC02 Camera

The CC02 camera is uniquely designed to meet the rugged environmental demands of heavy industrial applications. The virtually indestructible titanium alloy housing ensures long camera life by shielding the imaging components from dust, moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

For heavy industry, the vibration resistance of the CC02 is unsurpassed. Vibration tests prove the camera's ability to stand up to the stresses caused by industrial machinery. Temperature tests prove the camera's ability to perform in both high and low temperatures without the need for a heater or fan. The specially sealed housing, which is IP-68 rated according to NEMA, prevents dust and water penetration.

The included tri-axial mounting system provides ease of installation in virtually any location.


Sawmills   •  Mining   •   Railway   •   Utilities   •  Transportation   •   Manufacturing   •   Biomass
Pulp & Paper   •   Aggregate   •   Agriculture   •   Marine   •   Military   •   Steel Mills   •   Energy

Features & Benefits

Unsurpassed Vibration Resistant

NEMA IP68 Waterproof/Dustproof

High Impact

Titanium Alloy Housing

Extreme Temperature Rating (-60° ~ 60°C)

7 Lens Options

Available in Analog or High Definition Resolution

All Weather Industrial Analog Camera

Opticom CC02 Industrial Camera
Download Spec Sheet

Industrial HD-TVI Camera

Opticom Industrial CC02-TVI Camera

Download Spec Sheet

Part Numbers for Ordering:


Lens Size
12V DC
24V AC
2.9mm Lens CC02-2.9 CC02-2.9-24
3.6mm Lens CC02-3.6 CC-02-36-24
4.3mm Lens CC02-4.3 CC02-43-24
6.0mm Lens CC02-6 CC02-6-24
8.0mm Lens CC02-8 CC02-8-24
12.0mm Lens CC02-12 CC02-12-24
16.0mm Lens CC02-16 CC02-16-24


Lens Size
12V DC
24V AC
2.9mm Lens CC02-TVI-2.9 CC02-TVI-29-24
3.6mm Lens CC02-TVI-3.6 CC02-TVI-3.6-24
4.3mm Lens CC02-TVI-4.3 CC02-TVI-4.3-24
6.0mm Lens CC02-TVI-6.0 CC02-TVI-6-24
8.0mm Lens CC02-TVI-8.0 CC02-TVI-8.0-24
12.0mm Lens CC02-TVI-12.0 CC02-TVI-12.0-24
16.0mm Lens CC02-TVI-16.0 CC02-TVI-16-24

Opticom has been a partner of E.B. Horsman & Son since 2010. When an industrial customer inquires about video products, we trust Opticom to have the latest technology. Their products are specialized, constantly evolving, reliable and carry robust industrial rating essential for any industrial market. Opticom’s service culture is also equal to E.B. Horsman's and they make sure that our customers are taken care of. Whether it is training, implementation, issues, or questions, this manufacturer has your back.

Looking for the right video products for your jobsite?

Our Data Communication Specialists are available to work with you to find the most suitable solution for your application. Contact us now.


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