Rittal TS IT Pro Racks and Enclosures

18th Sept 2021   |   Product Spotlights

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Rittal TS IT Pro Racks and Enclosures


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Easy to order – Ready to ship

Colocation facilities have fast become the alternative to privately-owned data centers. More organizations are migrating their workload and IT infrastructure to private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms to reduce downtime and expenses, while increasing physical security, efficiency, and power and cooling capabilities. The modern colocation facilities, featuring state-of-the-art high-density servers and revolutionary cooling systems, offer services, and often customized solutions, to address networking and computing challenges of today. The TS IT Pro is designed to keep pace with the next generation of data center trends.

Welcome to a better way to quickly adapt IT infrastructures to the growing demands of complex challenges. Flexible and scalable in size, performance, and security, the North American made TS IT Pro enclosure is built to handle tomorrow’s trends, including high-density cooling and power distribution.

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Rittal TS IT enclosure side view


Flexible and future proof rack system to meet your requirements.

Easy to Order — Ready to Ship

Standard sizes are in stock in multiple locations and ready to ship quickly to your data center to support deployment in any location. The TS IT Pro can be tailored for your application, complete with installed accessories.

Engineered as an Optimized System

Ships complete with perforated single front door and split rear doors, adjustable 19-inch EIA rails, leveling feet, casters, roof with brush baffle cable access channels, and vertical cable walls with dual PDU mountings.

“What’s in it for me?” — The TS IT Pro’s optimized system provides proper air flow and efficient cable management.

Installation Flexibility

Quick-release, easy-to-remove doors increase workspace area. Vertical rails easily adjust to accommodate varying depths of equipment. Access leveling feet adjustment from inside the rack to drop and go.

“What’s in it for me?” — Enjoy unhindered access, additional workspace, and a reduction of labor on site during installation.

Proven Frame Construction

The TS IT Pro’s fully welded frame and structural design allow for shipping of equipment already installed.

“What’s in it for me?” — Bring on the heavy equipment loads! Know that the TS IT Pro can handle it all.

Your Need — This Solution

Single rack and distributed Edge deployments. Multi-tenant, cloud, and hyperscale data center.

“What’s in it for me?” — No matter what your need, TS IT Pro enclosures are ready.

Rittal TS IT Pro Racks middle view

Speed of deployment

The TS IT Pro is simple to specify and easy to order. It can easily be configured with additional accessories installed at the factory. Designed to meet specific requirements and shipped in one week through a configure to order program, Xpress7. The TS IT Pro guarantees standardization and consistency across various locations, by a partner that can ensure a continuity of supply with a global presence.

Flexible and future proof

While server technology advances and density demand increases, cooling strategies are continually evolving. The TS IT Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate or retrofit with supplemental row and rack level cooling solutions designed to address specific requirements or hotspots without impacting the existing environment or infrastructure.

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Rittal TS IT Pro Racks and Enclosures

Rittal TS IT Pro Racks and Enclosures

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