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Future Planning and Cost Savings with SIRIUS 3RA6

8th February 2018       Automation & Controls Division

Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6 Success Story

About Turn-Key Controls:

Turn-Key Controls an industry leader in control systems design, plc programming, SCADA/HMI systems integration, DCS Systems integration, industrial networks, and control panel manufacturing. They have been a long time customer of E.B. Horsman & Son and are a registered Siemens solution provider. As such, our companies have established a well-forged relationship, and together we provide full project solutions for end users.

Project Challenges:

Future Planning and Experts Recommendations

In a recent project, Turn-Key provided control panels to an end user in the recycling industry. The end user had a series of motors connecting to grinders to crush the recyclable material. However, the end user needed load feeders ready for future expansion but they did not have exact specifications on the motors that would be installed. They needed motor starters that would be readily available and could handle a variation of ratings required based on the motors they would use in the future.

EBH’s Recommended Siemens Solution:

Solution for The Future

Turn-Key Controls turned to E.B. Horsman & Son’s Automation, Controls, & Motion Division to recommend solutions that would resolve the end-user’s challenges. The division’s thorough knowledge and expertise in Siemens Motors and Starters allowed the staff to recommend Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6 as the perfect fit for the end user’s application. The SIRIUS 3RA6’s ability to cover a wide range of full load current, due to using solid-state overloads, and its easy installation process made it an ideal solution for future applications where specifications were unknown.

Installation Cost Savings -- Three become one

Our Automation technical staff presented a SIRIUS 3RA6 demo unit to Turn-Key and the end user for test installation and size confirmation. Compared to conventional feeders, the SIRIUS 3RA6 starter is a more compact universal feeder that offers higher functionality, and is simpler to maintain. It combines the functionality of a circuit breaker, solid-state overload relay, and contactor to be used for a wide range of applications. The benefits of having one compact device that does the function of three was very appealing for Turn-Key and the end user. After a quick confirmation and approval from the end user, we provided Turn-Key with a complete order and the technical support they needed. Both Turn-Key and the end user quickly noticed the time and cost savings in installation time and were very satisfied with the product.

TurnKey Controls using Siemens 3RA6 Compact Starters

EBH Review:

Ultimately, it was extremely rewarding to hear the customer’s feedback on their experience with Siemens starters for their application. Not only did the compact starters serve their purpose, but the compact size made the overall design clean and visually appealing. Turn-Key’s experience in using the product has been so positive that they decided to purchase the IO-Link models of the compact starter to further reduce the wiring required. It was a pleasure working with Turn-Key on this successful project and we look forward to more.

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