12th August 2020



E.B. Horsman & Son supplied Brentwood College with a full-line of Leviton Equipment. Brentwood College is recognized for having an innovative approach when it comes to educating their students. An integral part of the learning process is using technology to help foster an environment where students can better develop their skills and knowledge.

IT/AV Challenge

Brentwood College was in search of new IT/AV solution for their classrooms and boardrooms. They were contemplating a competitor’s solution, but wanted to know if the costs associated with the programming required to use the system was the right move. Leviton offers a plug and play solution that requires no programming. The system is simplified enough that you don’t have to be tech savvy to understand the Leviton IT/AV solution.

Even with the simplicity of the design there was no risk of a security breach on the school’s IT network. The systems are single-classroom-centric, not on the school’s IT network, which means no chance of it being breached by 3rd parties. Leviton was able to provide recommendations on how to clean up their cabling space so they get everything wired properly.


Leviton AV Signal Extenders are capable of carrying high-bandwidth signals to anywhere in a room and to any device present in the room. The simplicity of the AV controls allows teachers to easily switch up to three different sources.

Parts Used for The Setup

  • 4/8 Ohm Mixing Audio Amplifier
  • 8-Button Control Panel Wallplate
  • Autoswitching HDBaseT Extender Wallplate
  • HDMI Extender with HDBaseT
  • Atlas-X1 Cat 6A UTP QuickPort Jack

Read The Full Case Study from Leviton

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