Food & Beverage Electrical Solutions

Learn about E.B. Horsman’s expertise and wide range of electrical, automation, instrumentation, and lighting supplies for the food and beverage industry.

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Structure of Industrial Communication Networks

Complex communication networks are the backbone of machines operating in industrial plants, but do you know how these networks are structured? Find out the different hierarchical levels of these networks and what communication devices operate at each level in this division series.

Copper Connectors in the 21st Century

Copper Connectors existed for hundreds of years, but how did they evolve to accommodate our 21st century technology? In this division series, we explore current trends that are causing shifts in copper connector termination and installation.

Understanding The Industrial Revolution

Wondering how to stay competitive in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution? Our Automation & Industrial Controls experts walk you through the elements of this revolution and reveal some of the secrets used by Siemens in leading this revolution.

national vs independent

What’s the difference between National Chains and Independent Electrical Distributors and why does it matter This post will explore five things to consider when choosing between an independent electrical distributor and a national chain


This not a “defective” Breaker issue. Overcurrent (appliance drawing more amps than allowed).

Canadian Manufacturing

Do you ever wonder where in the world your electrical products come from? Believe it or not, many of the electrical products you use today are manufactured right here in Canada.

Panel Integrators Challenges

We’ve all heard of how industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing, but do you know how it is changing the world of panel integrators and control systems? In this post, we layout a few main challenges and industry trends currently faced by panel integrators and our recommended solutions.


EB Horsman discusses the role of the ethernet in smart technology and how it affects the electrical industry.

Defective Arc Fault Breaker

Arc Faults breakers are required in homes built after 2015. Arc Fault breakers will react differently and may cause tripping where they had not caused tripping in your previous home.

Upgrade Your MultiRanger

Attention municipalities! Are your MultiRangers getting a little old Do you wonder how much longer they will last

The Evolution of Highbay Lighting – E.B. Horsman & Son

How did Highbay Lighting change in response to the dominating LED technology? Our lighting experts explored 5 ways through which Highbay Lighting has evolved and how it is beneficial to you.