Our Core Value: Supporting Local Businesses Like Yours


Supporting local businesses is part of our mandate. As Western Canada’s largest independent, employee- and family-owned electrical supplier, this has been integral to what we do from the beginning—and it always will be.

One way we compete with national chains is through our partnership with Affiliated Distributors (AD). AD is a network of like-minded distributors that pools resources and buying power. Through our partnership with AD, we’re able to support local businesses and provide you with top-quality products—without the inflated price tag.


Benefits of Purchasing from an Affiliated Distributor Member like E. B. Horsman & Son

We’re an Independently Owned Business


Founded in 1981, AD now supports more than 845 independent distributor members in 5,000 locations—powered by more than 80,000 employees. 

AD’s success can be attributed to its democratic structure and longstanding commitment to supporting independent businesses. Because we’re a part of the AD network, you can rest assured that we are proudly independent—and we’ll continue to stay that way.


You Get Wholesale Products at Better Prices


AD’s mission is to increase the market share of its distributors and manufacturers. This means that, with their support, we can bring you the best wholesale electrical products at lower costs.

Local businesses like yours benefit from increased buying power, strong and consistent stock, innovative programs, robust financial controls, and the industry’s only 100-per-cent supplier rebate return.


AD Members Lead with their Values


AD members are all independently owned companies with shared, meaningful values. These are a few of ours:


National chains are here to stay. But when you shop with an AD member like E. B. Horsman & Son, you can be confident you’re supporting an independent business. Thank you, Affiliated Distributors!