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What We Do

E.B. Horsman & Son has the expertise to recommend comprehensive solutions for Communications and Networking requirements. In the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we provide products for wired and wireless networks as well as remote access tools such as VPN routers and cloud services. The products include wired switches, wireless access points and clients, wireless radios, protocol converters as well as software and cloud services for data acquisition, remote trouble shooting and event alarming. EBH offers solutions based on our customers’ unique requirements and back it up with support, training, and engineering services.

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Rise of Ethernet

Rise of Ethernet: How is it affecting drive technology

The numerous benefits of Ethernet protocols are revolutionizing the rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), but do you know how is it affecting Drive technologies? Do you know how to overcome the negative impacts such as cyber security and costs? Read our post to find out.

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Siemens Scalance Ethernet Switches Family

Scalance Ethernet Switches

The SCALANCE product line is designed primarily for use in diverse industrial applications. It provides everything for ultra-efficient industrial networks and bus systems: powerful, future-proof network components for reliable operation in all industrial environments; a wiring system for fast pre-assembled connections on site; high speed redundancy for enhanced availability; and a signaling concept for permanent network component monitoring.

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Network Routers Guide

Buying Guide: Network Routers

Are you considering ways to access your equipment and devices remotely but concerned with meeting network and security requirements? Our Network Routers Buying Guide offers you the basic knowledge and solutions to all the challenges you might face when considering network routers for remote access solutions.

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eWON for Remote Access Solutions

Product Spotlight: eWON Remote Access Solutions

You're too busy to be traveling to different sites to troubleshoot your machinery and equipment. Choose an eWON remote access router to give yourself and your team the ability to quickly and securely access your machinery and equipment from wherever you are. Learn more about eWON Cosy & eWON Flexy in our product spotlight.

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eWON  Cosy Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story: eWON Cosy

EnWave is a global leader in vacuum-microwave drying. Read about their success in switching to eWON Cosy for remote access solutions with the help of E.B. Horsman & Son’s PAC group: "The eWon Cosy has reduced our service trips by 50%...It’s a big cost saving in time and expenses for us, and our customers appreciate the fast service.”

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Industrial Communication Networks

Division Series: Industrial Communication Networks

Complex communication networks are the backbone of machines operating in industrial plants, but do you know how these networks are structured? Find out the different hierarchical levels of these networks and what communication devices operate at each level in this division series.

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