Hazardous Location Product Guide

E.B. Horsman & Son has technical experts and a vast network of suppliers & solutions to ensure that your hazardous location meets regulation requirements.

Siemens Level Measurement Solutions

No matter what your application is, Siemens provides a complete range of contacting and non-contacting level measurement devices for every application.

The Complete 2023 LED Lighting Guide

A comprehensive guide to choosing LED Lighting for any room in your house including a selection of LED Light bulbs and fixtures

Leviton Education Facilities Solutions

Leviton aims to maximize student and faculty experience with the most comprehensive array of electrical, lighting, and networking products and services.

Philips Lumec Municipalities Roadway Solutions

Philips Lumec practices sustainable design & the science of smart engineering. They are a leader in environmentally sustainable decorative outdoor lighting.

Your Guide to Data Communication

E.B. Horsman & Son has inventory & technical expertise you need to build a network infrastructure for the future.

Home Office Essentials

Shop datacom products recommended by our experts for fast, secure, reliable, & professional video conferencing.

MOGAS Valve Guide

Buy MOGAS to solve issues that routinely plague power plants – leaking valves, seat erosion, blown packing, and the inability to isolate critical equipment.

Raychem Residential Heating Solutions

Learn more about Raychem’s electric heat-tracing systems to provide comfortable floor heating and reliable winter safety.

Rittal Industrial Enclosures Guide

Everything you need to shop for a Rittal Enclosure: from selecting the enclosure and cooling system to power distribution and accessories.

LED Streetlight Solution Builder

To successfully plan LED street lighting for your community & transportation infrastructure needs, we’ve put together an LED Streetlight Solution Builder tool

Guide To Fiber Termination

Read our guide to fiber termination learn why it’s needed, common methods to terminate fiber, concerns and our solutions.