7th April 2020

Datacom Solutions Available at E.B. Horsman & Son

There’s more data solutions and technology available than ever before – can your equipment handle it all? E.B. Horsman & Son has the inventory and technical expertise you need to build a network infrastructure for the future with 24/7 uptime for both rudimentary to large enterprise applications.


We provide the following datacom solutions

Residential Communications

Datacom infrastructure is imperative to the success of connected homes. All smart devices within a network must work cohesively with each other, from smart controllers and wireless access points to Ethernet switches, cabling, and connectors. All components must be compatible with today’s equipment as well as tomorrows emerging technologies.

Commercial Communications

The expertise of designing a commercial infrastructure is critical to today’s as well as tomorrow’s application and data rates. As new end-to-end technologies are developed to exploit the availability of high-speed, high capacity networks, maintaining infrastructure integrity is critical to the company’s success.

Industrial Communications

Industrial Communication Networks are designed and built to handle real-time control and data integrity while installed in large plants that are potentially operating in harsh environments. This automation and networking technology enables greater energy efficiency, flexible production capabilities, and digital manufacturing.

Have Questions? Our Specialty Datacom Division is Available to Help!

We can help you overcome difficult datacom challenges through all stages of your project. From specifications and design support to delivery, we have a specialized team with technical expertise and an extensive branch network for logistics, inventory and application support. We have strong partnerships with suppliers to help us find and deliver the right solution for your application needs.


Technical Services We Provide:

  • Specifications and design support
  • Product Selection Recommendations
  • Quotation
  • Training
  • Post-Sale Technical Support

Datacom Product Categories Featured

  • Camera & Monitors
  • Copper Connectors
  • Fibre Connectors
  • Plates & Brackets
  • Residential Networking Components
  • Enclosures, Racks, & Cooling
  • Patch Cords & Patch Panels
  • Power Distribution
  • Data Installation Tools
  • Data Copper Wire & Cable
  • Data Fibre Optics
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • AV & Home
  • Industrial Communications