Industrial Led Lighting Guide

July 14, 2019

How is Industrial Different Than Traditional Lighting?


Industrial facilities can be very different than commercial facilities. Industrial facilities are often dirtier, hotter, operate longer hours and can have classification requirements for safety.

Lighting for industrial facilities often requires greater attention to shadows and light levels to address productivity and safety. Lighting maintenance becomes far more important in order to maintain acceptable lighting levels and reduce down time due to lamp replacements in difficult to reach spaces.


Key considerations when choosing industrial lighting:

  • Safety classification ratings (explosion-proof requirements)
  • Dust and dirt factors and ingress protection
  • Surge suppression and fusing
  • Ambient temperature and fixture temperature ratings


Why LED versus Traditional Sources for Industrial Lighting?

In today’s lighting industry LED has quickly become the dominating light source, now with a proven track record. LEDs provide a longevity that is up to 10 times that of standard incandescent lamps, translating to low maintenance. LEDs are solid-state devices, meaning no moving parts, glass or filaments to break. LEDs are small in size and resistant to vibration or shock. They contain no mercury and are environmentally friendly. Further, they are more efficient, using up to 90% less energy than other light sources based on watts.

The advancement of LED technology has led to the tremendous diversity of LED products and the reduction of production costs. The fixture’s rated life is particularly important in industrial facilities due to higher maintenance costs. Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of LED fixtures in industrial facilities is maintenance savings. Maintaining fixtures can involve plant shutdown, scaffolding and multiple staff members so it is critical to minimize maintenance requirements. Consider the table below:


Led Cost & Maintenance Saving For Industrial Lighting

Maintenance Savings: LED vs. Traditional Lamps
LED1000 Watt Metal Halide
Fixture Cost$600$250
Rated Life100,000 hours20,000 hours
Hourly Labour Rate$60$60
Lifetime Maintenance Cost$60*$340*
Energy Costs$4,000*$10,900
Total Cost of Ownership$4,660$11,490


That’s $6,830 savings per fixture! How many fixtures do you have in your industrial facility?

*Financial Assumptions: 400 watts for LED; $0.10 per kw; 1 hour for bulb replacement; installation cost is not considered


Industrial Lighting Products Found at EBH:

At E.B. Horsman, our lighting specialists have extensive experience with lighting solutions for industrial facilities. We work with many well-known brand name lighting manufacturers with proven track records to offer you the best solution for your facility.

High/Low Bay Lighting

  • High temperature rated fixtures
  • High mount/high lumen options
  • Hazardous location & explosion proof fixtures
  • Adaptive controls


Outdoor Area & Site Lighting

  • Area and roadway lighting
  • Wall packs and security lighting
  • Flood lights
  • High mast lighting


Stanchion & Surface Lighting

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous rated
  • High temperature rated
  • V-Spring Pole mounted
  • Adaptor Plates for Retrofits

Linear Lighting

  • Railing lighting
  • Inspection areas
  • Walkway lighting
  • Task lighting

Emergency & Life Safety Lighting

  • Path of egress lighting
  • Warning systems
  • Battery packs & inverter systems
  • Un-Interruptible power systems

Trusted Industrial Lighting Suppliers

Industrial Lightig from Crouse Hinds
Industrial Lightig from Hazlux
Industrial Lightig from RAB
Industrial Lightig from Emergi-Lite
Industrial Lightig from Eaton Lighting
Industrial Lightig from Signify
Industrial Lightig from Standard Stanpro


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