LED Streetlight Solution Builder

3rd January 2019       Lighting Division

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Municipality Steetlight Solution Builder

Customized guide for your specific street lighting needs

How to Build an LED Streetlight Solution {Interactive Tool}

LED streetlights can help make your city safer, more attractive and more energy efficient. With the recent launch of the BC Government’s LED Street Light Luminaires initiative, now is the perfect time to start planning how LED streetlights will fit into your community. But, to ensure traffic flows smoothly, people feel safe, and you achieve municipality-wide goals, you will need varying types of illumination and expertise. Where do you start?

Introducing Our Interactive LED Streetlight Solution Builder:

To help you successfully plan LED street lighting for your unique community and transportation infrastructure needs, we’ve put together an LED Streetlight Solution Builder tool with the help of Philips LUMEC.

Whether you need to replace existing streetlights or plan a new development, our LED Streetlight Solution Builder will help you identify the LED products, partners and processes you need to solve key street lighting challenges in your community, including:

  • Replacing streetlights at the end of their life with new LEDs.
  • Discussing streetlight requirements for new development.
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs of street lighting.
  • Saving energy and reducing the environmental impact of street lighting.
  • Improving overall streetlight performance.
  • Integrating street lighting into your smart city plan.

Are you ready to discover the LED products, partners and processes your roadways need?

See what our LED Streetlight Solution Builder recommends for your community.

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