4th September 2020

Wiremold Product Solutions for Educational and Commercial Offices

Keep Outlets Easy Accessible, Covered, and Well Organized

Wiremold products work together seamlessly to save installation time, while providing enhanced flexibility and productivity in environments ranging from residential dwellings and educational institutions to meeting rooms and healthcare facilities.

Innovative Cable Management

Take a good, hard look at the room you’re in. Do you see a flexible, well-organized space or do you see a disorganized jumble of cords and cables running every which way, clutte

If chaos is what you see, then it’s time to open your eyes to Legrand Wiremold Solutions. Innovative, easy-to-install systems and products designed to keep power, communications and A/V cords and cables neatly organized and contained. So you can meet today’s demand for more productive and flexible work environments.


Wiremold Raceway Systems are attractive, cost-effective solutions for bringing electrical, communication and A/V cables an wires wherever they’re needed, in virtually any type of room.

Floor Boxes & Accessories

An innovative line of floor boxes which combine capacity, durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. Wiremold Floor Boxes continue to be a flawless solution for A/V, electrical power, and communication projects.


Plugmold Multioutlet System

Introduced to add or extend power in inadequately wired homes. First with tamper-resistant receptacles

OFR Over Floor Raceway

This floor cable cover system accommodates your open space needs in the lowest, sleekest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compatible profile around. It provides four channels for multiple combinations of power, communications and A/V – in one, easy-to-install-system.

Table Boxes & Furniture Power

Wiremold Table Boxes are an excellent solution for extending power, communication and A/V to the point-of-use. Combine with other Legrand products for a comprehensive solution to managing and delivering power, communication and A/V connectivity wherever it’s demanded.


Tele-Power Poles

Put outlets right where they’re needed. Run power down from the ceiling into a neat and efficient Tele-Power Pole that blends right into the space around it. Perfect for retail checkout areas, office workstations, classrooms and hospital stations

Looking for Wiremold Cable Management Solutions?

Trust Wiremold cable management systems, the industry’s largest provider of end-to-end wire and cable management and pathways, for innovative floor boxes, cable raceways, and more. We carry a variety of Wiremold products in stock and our close relationship with Legrand allows us to supply parts for large projects whether it is in institutional, educational facilities, office spaces, or residential. Contact our team today!