4th November 2019


Severe-service Ball Valve

If an application exists that calls for a severe-service ball valve, chances are MOGAS has engineered a product that’s more than up to the task. Many of their design advancements have resulted directly from working in partnership with customers to solve difficult application problems. By understanding their customers’ operational challenges and performance goals, MOGAS is able to create and customize the best solutions for each client’s unique process.


Top Concerns or Challenges Severe Service Applications

Valve solutions for severe service conditions must be able to withstand:

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • High Pressures
  • Abrasive Particulates
  • Acidic Products
  • Heavy Solids Build-up
  • Large Pressure Differentials
  • Critical Plant Safety
  • Velocity Controls
  • Noise Control


Why MOGAS Valves are the Best Solutions for your Process


MOGAS maintains a fully implemented and certified Quality Assurance / Quality Control program. While MOGAS is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we also reference many industry organizations for standards, codes and approvals, such as:

  • Value. Their philosophy is to design valves for longevity so you have less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Safety. Designed and tested to withstand fire and prevent fugitive emissions, MOGAS valves offer the lowest risk.
  • PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Because of the MOGAS proven process and the benefits it yields, they offer a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Years of continual valve performance analysis, field reports and statistical service data from around the globe provide the information required to guarantee a performance time period.


MOGAS Valve Applications

Valves for Power Generation

MOGAS is well known throughout the power industry because we solve issues that routinely plague power plants – leaking valves, seat erosion, blown packing, and the inability to isolate critical equipment – all of which contribute to significant heat rate loss and safety concerns.

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Valves for Refining Applications

The refining industry has undergone many changes, from the methods of processing to the length of time that they operate their process units. These changes, along with the emergence of low sulfur fuel specifications, the requirement to process lower grade crude and the need to convert more bottom-of-the-barrel residuals, has put an extreme demand on isolation and control valves. Unreliable and unpredictable valves in emergency situations can cause enormous monetary losses and have devastating consequences for personnel. MOGAS has responded to these challenges by developing a combination of diverse trim configurations and high quality coatings for use in high temperature, high pressure, erosive, corrosive, viscous and coking / asphaltene applications.

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Valves for Slurry Transport

MOGAS has been providing slurry pipeline valve solutions in some of the toughest applications and remote locations worldwide for over three decades. Large pipeline valves (36-inch and larger), small drain valves and high pressure block valves are just some of the types of mining valves MOGAS designs and manufactures. In the metals and minerals market, valves must operate dependably for long periods of time. Rugged forgings with severe service metal balls and seats ensure a reliable operation for handling particulates and sludge.

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Valves for Autoclave Processes

Pressure leaching and oxidation are two of the most demanding extraction methods in the mining industry and require dependable, time-tested severe service valves and coatings. Whether leaching with acid injection or oxygen, the valves used in these plants must withstand corrosive and abrasive slurries, as well as endure punishing temperatures and pressures. For several decades, MOGAS has been the leading provider of severe service metal-seated ball valves in autoclave applications such as HPAL (High Pressure Acid Leach) and POx (Pressure Oxidation). Reliable valve operation is crucial, since these plants are often located close to the ore beds—making travel challenging, should service be required. Harsh media and tough operating conditions make a proven, application-specific valve design essential to the economic performance of the operation.

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Valves for Chemical/ Petrochemical Processes

All of these severe services can be found in Chemical and Petrochemical processing plants worldwide. Along the many miles of piping, each plant requires dependable isolation of critical equipment and control of process flow, coupled with reliable vent and drain valves. A valve’s performance ensures not only the integrity of the process and safety of plant personnel, but also the volume and rate at which the plant can produce products—thus generating revenue and enhancing profitability. MOGAS has been involved with these types of processing plants for several decades. Each process has unique chemical characteristics where a valve’s construction materials and necessary coatings must be carefully selected. A comprehensive analysis of the individual process and media—combined with years of research & development, engineering, manufacturing and service support—enables MOGAS to provide valve solutions that are ideally designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Valves for Oil & Gas Industries

MOGAS metalseated isolation and rotary control valves are built for punishing conditions. We understand the crucial need for absolute shutoff and reliable pressure and flow control. Our ongoing application specific research and development—coupled with in-the-field customer assistance, valve analysis and maintenance / repair service—provides a high level of confidence and support. Advanced production techniques and pipeline processes are creating a demand for not only a new way of operating, but new types of equipment and valves. Production and pipeline components are expected to last longer in order to maximize return on investments—and recognize the true total cost of ownership. This is where MOGAS products excel by outlasting traditional “throw-away” valves, performing reliably in extreme conditions, and being supported with field services you can count on.

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Valves for Delayed Coking

MOGAS ball valve designs provide trouble-free operation in this heavy coking application. Over the decades of working in partnership with end users, technology licensors and EPCs, MOGAS has become a solutions provider, not just a valve manufacturer. Many of our design advancements are the direct result of creating and customizing a solution that specifically addresses customer’s unique process or problem. For example, MOGAS valves with purge require much less steam than competitive designs, saving thousands of dollars annually in energy costs.


MOGAS Industries is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

On October 1, 2018, E.B. Horsman & Son announced the acquisition of Alberta-based company Measurement & Controls Ltd (MCL). MCL specializes in the distribution of instrumentation, specialty valves, and electrical solutions to some of the world’s largest companies in the process, industrial, manufacturing, and construction industries. In acquiring MCL, EBH is now the distributor of MOGAS Industries’ severe service technology.

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Our Alberta (or PAC) team has a long history of working with MOGAS supporting servere service valving applications in extreme industrial applications. Their products are trusted and installed by some of the largest end users. Their application-specific designs ensure process integrity, uptime reliability and personnel safety, and result in the lowest cost of ownership. In short, MOGAS valves perform in the harshest environments so your company can too.


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