Remote Networking Routers

Connecting PLCs via a VPN allows customers to identify errors, troubleshoot, and maintain their machinery with minimal interaction with service providers.

Siemens Load Center & Panels

A Siemens load center guide for residential, industrial, & commercial needs. Gasketed door load centers are available for improved weatherproof protection.

Liteline Residential Lighting Solutions

LED downlights & strips for residential lighting solutions from a trusted lighting manufacturer, Liteline. Read the guide for stock details at E.B. Horsman & Son.

nVent RAYCHEM Commercial & Residential Heat Trace Solutions

nVent Raychem pipe, roof & gutter heat trace winter solutions guide for residential & commercial applications. Protect your home & get your cables for winter.

Your UPS Systems Guide – Battery Backup Power Supply

A UPS system ensures your equipment does not shut down during a blackout or power failure. Learn the causes of power disturbances & why you need a UPS system.

Landscape Lighting Guide

E.B. Horsman & Son carries hundreds of LED lighting products designed to finish your landscape project. Follow this guide to discover what works for you.

Industrial LED Lighting Guide

Industrial facilities can have classification requirements for safety. Learn the difference between industrial & traditional lighting.

Industrial Surveillance Camera Guide

Opticom cameras & systems ensure reliable, high quality monitoring video to operators, & more. Our data communication specialists can help you find a solution.

Your Guide to Data Communication

E.B. Horsman & Son has inventory & technical expertise you need to build a network infrastructure for the future.

LED Streetlight Solution Builder

To successfully plan LED street lighting for your community & transportation infrastructure needs, we’ve put together an LED Streetlight Solution Builder tool

Guide to Motor Circuit Analysis and Motor Testers

Motor Circuit Analysis is a de-energized test method to assess the health of a motor. Save money by detecting developing faults before they cause motor failures

Rittal Climate Control Solutions

Rittal industrial climate solutions buying guide showcases products that lengthen the life of your components, optimize performance & reduce equipment failure.