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As industry 4.0 continues to transform the manufacturing world as we know it, control panels, power distribution, and motor controls are evolving and becoming more integrated. Manufacturers are facing challenges to meet these new requirements in the digitalization era. Searching for components from multiple manufacturers that integrate together can be challenging. That is where our team can add value to your business. With our comprehensive portfolio of over 600 supplier partners and over 20,000 products in stock, we can support your control component needs.

Our Automation & Controls Portfolio showcases our supplier partners that manufacture components used in the Power and Control Circuit: from Motor Control to the enclosure, from lugs to labelling, and everything else you need. Our partners’ products are available across the globe, and provide a reassurance the products can be supported wherever they are installed. We take pride in what we offer and look forward to working with you on your Control Panel.

Technical Services We Provide:

  • Specifications and design support
  • Product Selection Recommendations
  • Quotation
  • Inventory Support & Supply Management
  • Delivery Logistics
  • Training
  • Post-Sale Technical Support



Rittal Enclosure Overview

Rittal manufactures the world’s leading industrial and IT enclosures, racks and accessories, including high efficiency, high density climate control and power management systems for industrial, data center, outdoor and hybrid applications. Rittal’s off-the-shelf standard, modified standard and custom-engineered products are known throughout the world as high quality, affordable solutions for practically any industrial or IT infrastructure application – from single enclosures to comprehensive systems.


TS8 Freestanding Enclosures

  • Exterior surfaces are easily removable to access interior components
  • Available in 304 & 316L stainless steel
  • Door can hold up to 200 pounds and can quickly be removed
  • Available in five design configuration including non-disconnect, disconnect, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4, and floor-mount

Enclosures Accessories

Toptherm Enclosure Filter Fan

  • Fan-and-Filter Units dissipate head loads in a cost effective manner
  • Fast assembly – Super-fast clip-on mounting
  • Air throughput from 20 m/h to 700 m/h
  • Toolless assembly
  • IP 54 as standard
  • Quick filter mat changes
  • Minimal installation depth
  • Optimum airflow distribution inside the enclosure facilitating hot spot removal
  • Less Noise


Blue e+ AC Units

  • Built into the side, rear, or door of the enclosure
  • Protect the temperature-sensitive components of enclosures
  • Constant temperature inside enclosure
  • Active speed-governed circuit components for demand-based cooling
  • Component-friendly cooling for long service life
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet
  • Ideal for environments ranging from -20°C to +60°C
  • UL Type 12 and 3R


Busbar Systems: Riline Compact

  • A completely covered busbar system up to 125 A
  • Easy combination of different switching devices
  • Tool-free assembly through plug-in and spring clamp system
  • High level of safety


Busbar Systems: PLS Busbar System

  • Rated current up to 800 A/1600 A
  • 60 mm bar centre distance
  • Ensures maximum shock-proofing
  • Flexible positioning of supports for easier planning
  • Suitable for top-mounting


Maxi-PLS Busbar System

  • Rated current up to 2500 A or 4000 A
  • Square profile cross-section busbar
  • Designed to fit TS8 freestanding enclosures


Enclosure Folding Tray For Servicing

  • Fold-out for keyboard, mouse, and document
  • For installation in 600 and 800 mm wide doors or 482.6 mm (19”) swing frames and enclosures


Wiring Duct & Din Rails

  • Solid, wide slot, narrow slot and round hole versions
  • Widths 0.75” – 6” and depths 1” – 5”
  • Optional adhesive back for quick, hassle-free installation
  • Complete selection of accessories and tools for installation
  • Provided with mounting holes
  • Lead-free construction


Cable, Connectors, Lugs, & Grounding

  • Solve problems with wire bending and termination: ferrules, fork terminals, pin terminals, ring terminals, and terminal kits
  • Insulated cable lugs
  • Mechanical & compression lugs
  • Grounding & bonding systems
  • Splice kits


Weidmüller Marker System

  • A printer for all jobs
  • Thermal transfer printer for continuous materials, fabric and polyester labels, shrink sleeves and PLC labels
  • Interfaces with Weidmuller’s software M-Print PRO and intuitive touch display.
  • Ideal for small and medium print volumes
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Excellent readability (resolution: 300 dpi)
  • Modular perforation for easy installation


Brady Labelling & Marking

  • Printers designed for the electrical industry
  • Industrial label printers
  • Portable/Mobile
  • Bench top

Enclosure Lighting

WLB32 Series

  • Banner’s WLB32 is a bright LED fixture that features an even light output to eliminate glare
  • Energy efficient for overall cost savings
  • High/Low/Off switch allows users to customize light levels
  • Available as cascadable models for a continuous length of lighting, with a minimum of wiring
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or a choice of magnetic or angle brackets


LED System Light

  • Innovative LED technology specially made for Rittal Enclosures.
  • A special optical cover with Fresnel structure for lighting tailored to the geometry of the enclosure
  • Enormous luminous intensity up to 1200 lumens, directed selectively into the enclosure


Industry Light

  • The WIL is an extremely small and robust LED light in IP67, specifically designed for installation in standard control cabinets or devices in the field. It
  • illuminates the entire inside with a wide cone of light.
  • Extremely robust and slim aluminum housing
  • Available in different lengths and colours: red, blue, or 6500 K
  • M12 connector for fast and easy connection to the power supply

Indication & Signal Lighting

Signal Tower Lights

Multi-segment LED tower lights give machines a voice, conveying critical information in a clear, visual manner. AC and DC voltage, fourteen color options, six audible alarm styles, multiple intensity levels, three connection types and optional wireless or IOLink communication provides virtually limitless possibilities in both preassembled and field configured units.


Touch Buttons and Pick-To-Light

Banner is the leader in ergonomic, visual and sealed operator touch buttons for industrial applications. Since Banner Touch Buttons can have multiple colors and I/O capabilities, they can replace several conventional buttons, making them ideal in lean manufacturing environments.

Pick-to-light sensors help industrial automation manufacturers reduce the risk of error in the assembly process, boosting product quality and reducing cost.



Banner’s Indicators offer a wide variety of bright, highly visible models ranging from daylight visible to multiple colors in one device. Indicators have a rugged design for long-term use and require no additional protective box. Flexibility in design, size and mounting provides a unique solution for many indication applications.

Fuse Holders & Fuses

US 3J & US6J Ultrasafe ™ Class J Fuse Holders

  • The US3J accommodates 30A class J or IEC cylindrical 22x58mm fuses
  • The US6J accommodates 60A class J or IEC cylindrical 27x60mm fuses
  • Finger-safe IP20 protection
  • Optional indicator lights
  • DIN-rail mount
  • Compact footprint
  • Quick, easy fuse change
  • Volts : 600VACIDC
  • SCCR : 200kA


Mersen Fuses

UL / CSA / IEC Low Voltage General Purpose Fuses, Fuse holders, and Power Distribution Blocks


Distribution Block

Finger-safe protection: Fully insulated block ensures touch safe isolation of live parts. Recessed termination screws and wire openings provide IP20 grade protection and qualify as “fingersafe” per IEC 529ortment of handles, shafts, and accessories are available to accommodate any installation requirement

Power Switching & Monitoring

Disconnect Switches

  • Main disconnecting means, fusible and non- fusible
  • Lock Out / Tag Out devices to isolate a load for maintenance, service or repair
  • Transferring low voltage circuits on load


Power Metering

Helping to improve the energy performance of buildings and installations

  • Single & multi circuit power & energy meters
  • Enclosed single & multi-point metering solution • Current sensors
  • Communication gateways and data loggers


Metric Switch-Rated Plugs & Receptacles

  • Spring-loaded butt contacts
  • Enclosed arc chambers
  • Spring-assisted terminals

Terminal Blocks & Barriers

Klippon® Connect A-Series Modular Terminal Blocks

  • Integrated push-button clamp actuator for safer wiring and simple handling
  • Uniform integrated test point for easy continuity and potential/current checks
  • Current identification area on jumpers
  • Spring-loaded mounting foot to compensate for rail size fluctuations


Maxguard Control Voltage Distribution System

  • Time savings of up to 20% due to unique cross- connectors between load monitoring and potential distribution terminals
  • Extreme ease of service during commissioning and maintenance
  • Practical disconnecting lever for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit
  • Potential distributors with a 6.1mm pitch ensure space-savings of up to 50% on the rail


Intrinsic Safety Isolated Barriers: K-System

For Explosion Protection, consider Isolated Barriers from P+F’s K-System interface family. K-System offers an extensive range of intrinsic safety interface modules for many signals and applications – from simple isolators to highly functional modules.

Siemens Power Supplies

SITOP Compact Power Supplies

  • Integrated push-button clamp actuator for safer wiring and simple handling
  • Uniform integrated test point for easy continuity and potential/current checks
  • Current identification area on jumpers
  • Spring-loaded mounting foot to compensate for rail size fluctuations


Selectivity Module Power Supplies

  • Full range switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages
  • Unique spectrum of DC UPS and add-on modules extends the power supply range to protect the 24 V supply against problems on the main and on the DC side
  • Efficiency rating of up to 95%
  • Small mounting surface thanks to its slim design
  • Wide-range input for 85 V to 264 V AC or 110 V to 300 V DC
  • Up to 28 % energy savings compared to similar units
  • Low energy consumption during no-load or standby operation
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Temperature range from –20 °C to +70 °C

Scalance Ethernet Switches & Cable Technology

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

  • XB-000/100 Industrial Ethernet switches are compact, unmanaged switches with up to 8 ports
  • Industrial Ethernet line and star topologies
  • Diagnostics on the device by means of LEDs (power, link status, data communication)
  • RJ45 sockets with retaining sleeve for additional strain relief, designed for PROFINET-compliant IE FC RJ45 plug
  • Integrated auto-crossover function makes the use of uncrossed connection cables possible
  • Automatic detection and negotiation of the data transmission rate by means of auto-sensing and auto-negotiation function


Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

  • X-200/300 Industrial Ethernet Switches are managed with up to 24 parts
  • The managed switches of the SCALANCE X-200 product range are very well suited for the setup of line, star, and ring topologies (10/100 Mbps)
  • Redundant ring topologies can be established via the SCALANCE X-200 switches
  • On the failure of a transmission link or a SCALANCE X-200 switch in the ring, the transmission path is reconfigured within 200 ms
  • 8, 16, 24 electrical port options
  • 4, 6, 12 electrical port with optical options



  • Industry-compliant structured cabling from the office
  • Reliable shield contacting and strain relief as well as, efficient EMC shielding for copper cabling
  • Use of standard-compliant connection systems for Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS
  • Fulfills environmental requirements in accordance with IEC 61850-3 and EN45545 fire protection standard in rail vehicles

Circuit Breakers & Transformers

Miniature Circuit Breakers

5SJ4 Miniature circuit breakers can be used as “branch circuit protection”
UL 489 from 0.3 to 63A
Suitable for branch circuit and feeder protection applications
Visible indicator for ON and OFF/Trip
Standard DIN rail mounting (35 mm)
Identical wire screw connections on line and load sides


HPS Spartan Transformer

Ideally suited for general, industrial and light duty loads
For applications where high inrush or machine tool duty are not necessary
Standard molded terminal blocks or primary and secondary up to 3000VA (30A) units
Copper wound coils with high dielectric strength insulation
Bolted core construction & Bolt-on mounting brackets
All units supplied with primary and secondary voltage links jumpers (increase range of application per unit)


Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Exclusive adjustable current rating without the need for rating plugs
Various trip options such as thermal magnetic trip, electronic trip, electronic trip with metering, electronic trip with metering and communications
LI, LSI, LIG, LSIG trip functions available
100% ratings and current limiting available
Up to 200kA rating @ 480VAC, and 100kA @ 600VAC

Line Reactors & Relays

HPS Centurion R

The new HPS Centurion R reactor provides a unique blend of improved performance and reliability while reducing the product footprint. HPS Centurion R reactors deliver protection for your motors and drives. They are available in standard ratings from 0.5 HP (373 Watts) to 1000 HP (745 kilowatts), up to 600 V (690 V with derating) and are fully compliant with UL, CSA, CE, IEC, and NEMA standards

Minimization of harmonic distortion
Mitigation of nuisance tripping
Reduced line notching
Extended life of switching components and motors
Reduced audible motor noise and motor operating temperature



Whether you require isolating modules, compact or monitoring relays, narrow coupling relays, plug-in style relays, low-noise power relays or interface converters – we have a variety of options for you from our key Supplier Partners.

  • General Purpose Relays • PLC Style Relays
  • Plug-in Style Relays
  • Solid State Relays
  • Timer relays


Protection & Interface Converters

  • Intrinsic Safety Barriers • Signal Conditioners
  • Surge Protection
  • Monitoring Relays

Motor Starters

Siemens Sirius Motor Control Portfolio

Your Complete Motor Solutions all in one place:

  • Overloads
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Contactors
  • Soft Starters


Compact Starters

The SIRIUS modular system from Siemens combines digital planning and a standard-compliant implementation that meets your requirements regardless of the application or location.

  • SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter


Simatic HMI Basic & Comfort Panels

SIRIUS soft starters are the best solution when direct-on- line or star/delta starting are not suitable for three-phase motors, because mechanical impacts in the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system can often cause problems. A full and comprehensive range of soft starters with intelligent functions offers a softer alternative for almost every application.

  • SIRIUS 3RW55: High Performance (5,5-1.200 kW)
  • SIRIUS 3RW52 (General Performance 5,5-560 kW)
  • SIRIUS 3RW30/3RW40/3RW50 (Basic Performance 1,5-315 kW)

Panel Interface

Cordsets and Receptacles

  • Single and dual ended cordsets and panel mount receptacles for carrying power and/or signal to your components and processes.
    Turck logocordsets and receptacles Turck


Heavy-Duty Connectors

You choose the right combination of inserts, housings, and contacts from an ensemble of fixed- pole connector inserts in twelve sizes.

Remote I/) & Remote Connectivity (Cloud Solutions)

Multi-Protocol Remote I/O

  • Compatible with major PLC brands and communication protocols (Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus)
  • Local programming capabilities for distributed control using either proprietary or open-source software


Local Wifi Access (ANYBUS Wireless Bolt & Bridge)

  • Anybus Wireless Bridge and Anybus Wireless Bolt, a connection point for on-machine mounting, share the same technology making them able to communicate seamlessly, opening up for even more innovative wireless system solutions


Remote Access

  • Easy remote access for teleservice and remote maintenance
  • Continuous or on-demand connection
  • Working over WAN, LAN, WiFi, SIM Card
  • Secure connection via VPN
  • Data logging via 3rd party cloud, private cloud, or onboard

Need help selecting or sourcing controls or electrical parts for your enclosure?

Talk to one of our controls specialists and they will recommend the products and manufacturers that best suit your needs.

Programmable Logic Controller, HMI & Motion

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Every machine and plant places its own unique demands on system performance and application complexity. You’ll find the right controller for your application in our interactive SIMATIC controller portfolio.

  • SIMATIC S7-1200M
  • SIMATIC S7-1500


Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) & Motion

No matter what application, the SINAMICS family offers drives to meet your unique requirements



SIMATIC HMI Basic & Comfort Panels

  • High-resolution, dimmable widescreen displays from 4’’ to 12’’ (22” with Comfort panels) with 64,000 colors (16 million colors with Comfort Panels)
  • Touch or key operation & viewing angles of up to 170°
  • Integrated system card for automatic backups in Comfort panels
  • PROFIBUS or PROFINET versions for process communication (Comfort includes PROFIenergy)