American Polywater Lubricants & Cleaning Supplies

March 2023


Polywater Applications & Product Offerings

Polywater has developed new groundbreaking technologies for the electrical market with problem-solving sealants, adhesives and cleaners. These products improve the reliability of electrical systems and have become the standard for risk mitigation in the utility, solar, wind and institutional sectors. Below are Polywater products that you can find at E.B. Horsman & Son:

  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Data Cable Cleaners
  • General Purpose & Medium Voltage Cleaners
  • Full Product Offerings List

Data Cable Cleaner Selection

Polywater® SqueekyKleen™ Fiber & Copper Gel Filled Cable Cleaner: TC-1

Cable Filling Gel Cleaner for Loose-Tube and Ribbon Fiber

SqueekyKleen™ Cleaner cleans and fans fiber in two wipes to save time and money. No follow-up with alcohol required to clean and separate fibers before splicing. It reduces chemical odors and keeps vapor concentrations to a minimum in splice trailers and vaults to ensure a safe work environment. SqueekyKleen™ is less harsh on your hands.


Polywater® FTTx Communications Lubricant: FTTX-D20

Thin Spray Lubricant to Lower Tension in Fiber Drops & Data Cables

Polywater® FTTx is a thin, sprayable liquid, available in several unique packages. The FTTx-D20 contains lubricant-saturated towels that easily coat the wires as they are pulled. Improves installation of pre-lubricated cables and prevents signal attenuation loss in Category 6+ Cables.


Polywater® AquaKleen™ Water-Based Fiber Optic Cleaner: AQ-KIT2

Non-Combustible Cleaner For Ferrules, Bulkheads and Endfaces

AquaKleen™ Water-Based Fiber Optic Endface Cleaner is a solution to the problem of cleaning fiber. AquaKleen™ AQ is a special blend of 90+% deionized water with water-soluble cleaning solvents. AquaKleen™ Cleaner is friendly to the environment, less toxic, and safer for use by humans. It leaves no residue after evaporating.

Polywater® Type P7™ Aerosol Cleaner: P7-12

Polywater® Type P7™ Multipurpose Oil is a multi-functional lubricant with numerous electrical and industrial uses. P7™ cleans grime, loosens rust, and penetrates frozen parts. It also acts as a moisture displacer and rust inhibitor.

Polywater® Type CG™ Aerosol Cleaner: CG-13


Polywater ® Type CG™ Cold Galvanize is an industrial aerosol coating for metal protection and repair. Powerful CG™ forms a 95% pure zinc coating that prevents rust and inhibits corrosion through sacrificial galvanic action.

Polywater® Type FD™ Aerosol Cleaner: FD-9


Type FD™ Electrical Contact Cleaner is a fast drying, multi-purpose industrial and maintenance cleaner. It replaces ozone-depleting CFC’s, trichloroethane, HCFC’s, perchloroethylene and other carcinogenic chlorinated solvents.

Polywater® Type RP™ Fast-Evaporating Cable Cleaner: TR-P63

Medium & High Voltage Cable Preparation Cleaner/Degreaser


Polywater® Type RP™ Cleaner effectively cleans semi-conducting cable shield, corrosion inhibiting compound, silicone greases, filling gels, transformer oils and many other contaminants found in electrical construction and maintenance. Type RP™ evaporates quickly and does not leave a residue.

Polywater® Grime-Away™ Cleaning Wipes: HTC-D72 & HTC-1

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes for Hand and Tool Cleaning


Grime-Away™ Wipes can be used to clean hands, equipment, transformers, service vehicles, and work surfaces. The rough-side/smooth-side wipes remove many persistent utility field grimes. Grime-Away™ is approved by Salisbury by Honeywell because it doesn’t affect gloves after cleaning your hands. Other commonly used hand and tool cleaners contain petroleum, which causes damage to gloves.

Polywater® Type HP™ Aerosol Cleaner: HPY-12

Type HP™ is the best option for reducing the number of different solvents used in maintenance and cleaning operations. It is excellent for termination of medium and high voltage cables, and for de-greasing a wide variety of apparatus, including switchgear, contacts, transformers, and electrical motors.

American Polywater Adhesive/Sealants Selections:

Polywater makes a number of specialty adhesives and sealants used in electrical, communications, and sewer and water construction and maintenance.


Polywater® FST Foam Duct Sealant Kit: FST-250KIT

A Foam Duct-Sealing System for 2-inch/50-mm or Larger Conduits.

FST™ closed-cell duct sealant provides superior pressure-blocking power in the toughest environments. It stops methane and other gases to keep electrical systems intact. FST™ Duct Sealant is stronger, more chemically resistant, and cures 50 times faster than open-cell aerosol foams. The FST™ seal has excellent adhesion to PVC, rigid steel, EMT, IMC, fiberglass and polyethylene conduits.


Polywater® Splice Shield™ Environmental Barrier: CS-KIT

Don’t just “tape and hope” – Use Splice Shield!

Splice Shield™ sealant leaves a thick flexible coating that offers excellent protection against oil, water and corrosion. It contains no dangerous low-TLV or highly flammable solvents. The kit contains all the materials needed to seal multiple splices. Polywater® Splice Shield™ dries quickly and does not need to be “tack free” before direct burial.


Polywater® InstaGrout™ Utility Pad Sealant Barrier Kit: PMT-3 Kit

Pour-In Sealant Barrier that Prevents Animal and Insect Entry

Polywater® InstaGrout™ seals pad-mounted equipment openings to prevent outages and service disruptions due to entry of rodents, water and humidity. It is a resilient and impermeable ground barrier that improves electrical reliability. It is ideal for equipment replacement where pad opening dimensions and/or pad positions between old and new equipment are different.


Polywater® Pad N Pole™ Utility Enclosure Repair System: BRK-KIT

For Field Repair of Utility Enclosures, Poles, and Pedestals

PowerPatch® Pad N Pole™ Repair System repairs and restores damaged utility enclosures and light poles, preventing human, water, pest or debris entry through the repaired area. The PowerPatch® Pad N Pole™ two-part adhesive bonds to fiberglass, polyethylene, metal, concrete and composites. Fiberglass cloth (saturated with the adhesive) provides structural integrity for a durable, long lasting repair. You can paint immediately after application to color match the repaired structure.


Polywater® PowerPatch® Transformer Leak Repair: EPCT-KIT1

Transformer Leak Repair System for Gas and Oil Insulated Transformers

The fast, durable repair of oil and gas leaks with PowerPatch® is an economical and effective means to protect essential electrical grid assets. The repair of leaks in the field with PowerPatch® reduces risks to the environment and personnel, and increases the overall performance of the electrical grid. Doesn’t require specialize tools or training.


E.B. Horsman is your source for all electrical needs. Simply call or email us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

About American Polywater Corporation

The Polywater Company is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in electrical and communications construction and maintenance. Developed in 1973, water-based Polywater® Lubricant revolutionized cable pulling with low friction and broad cable compatibility.

Polywater has expanded to offer a broad line of products to clean, repair, maintain, and protect cables and other plant infrastructure. Polywater technologies include adhesion, lubrication, precision cleaning, sealing, and field-friendly-packaging. Polywater continues to innovate by developing unique products to solve customer problems.

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