23 April 2020


What is a load center?

A loadcentre is a metal enclosed distribution panel containing circuit breakers which distribute, protect and control lighting and power circuits in residential and light commercial applications, including single-family homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, and small office buildings.

Why Siemens Load centers?

All Siemens Loadcentres can be classified into two types: main lug or main circuit breaker. Each Siemen’s Loadcentre consists of three basic components: the enclosure, the interior, and the trim. The enclosure is used to contain the circuit breakers which mount on the interior. The trim seals the enclosure, offering protection to personnel from the environment.

Siemens Load Center Solutions:

  • Load center for any application in any industry:

    Siemens carry loadcentres for any application you need including loadcentres for residential units or loadcentres with exclusive gasketed door for improved weatherproof protection for industrial and commercial needs. Did you know? Siemens carry white loadcentres to accommodate commercial and residential modern designs.

  • Variety of Panels and Breakers:

    Panels come in single phase(SEQ and EQ) with Q push on breakers and 3 Phase(EQ4) with bolt on or push on breakers.

  • Circuit and Amperages:

    wide range of panel circuit size and amperages for the for the customer’s requirements.

  • Two colors to suit the customer’s needs:

    White and Grey

Your Load Center Checklist


Siemens offer a complete line of breakers & accessories such as Ground Fault Interrupters, Handle ties, handle blocking devices and neutral lug kits in a variety of wire range sizes.


Siemens products for single and multi-family applications provide the customer with unmatched value.

 Fast & Easy Installation

All loadcentres and Q breakers are equipped with InstaWire for fast installation with every turn. Individual circuit breakers are thermal magnetic, quick-make quick-break, trip free, plug-in construction.

 Unlimited Support

Siemens and E.B. Horsman & Son are dedicated to answering your questions and challenges. We want to ensure you are satisfied with the products we sell.

Duplex Units, Small Apartment Building, Small Professional and Commercial Building (Two to Six Units Maximum)

  1. SEQ Service Entrance Equipment – Indoor & Outdoor Type
  2. EQL Main Lugs Loadcentre – Indoor & Outdoor Type
  • SEQ Loadcentre-Indoor & Outdoor Type
  • EQL Loadcentre-Indoor & Outdoor Type
  1. Switchboards
  2. Busways
  3. Modular Metering
  4. EQ4 Loadcentres Main Lug only or Main Breaker
  1. Busways
  2. 3-phase Modular Metering
  3. EQ4 Loadcentres Main Lug only or Main Circuit Breaker

Siemens Load Center Offering:

Panel Type: Main Lug or Main Breaker, 1 phase or 3 phase
Colours: Grey, White
Enclosure Type: Type 1, Type 3R
Accessories: Door Kit, Surge Protection

Load Center Basic Questions:

What is the loadcentre used for?

  • Service entrance main panel, sub or pony panel?

How many circuits required?

What amperage breakers are required?

How many AFCI breakers are required for the job?

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