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Siemens SIRIUS Modular System:

The Siemens SIRIUS modular system ensures that our customers are best equipped and benefiting from cost-effective solutions. All the components of the modular SIRIUS system differentiate from other series by their space-saving design and high degree of flexibility. Engineering, mounting & installation, wiring and maintenance can be simply implemented in a time-saving fashion. Whether a customer wishes to configure the load feeders with circuit breakers or overload relays, contractors or soft starters – the SIRIUS portfolio always has the optimum product for any application.


Siemens SIRIUS Portfolio for Control Cabinet Operations

Centralized and Compact Starter Solutions


Today, three-phase motors serve as the ultimate drive concept. Yet, for many cases, direct starting or wye-delta starting may not always be the best solution; side effects such as mechanical impact in the machine or voltage drops in the line supply frequently occur. With SIRIUS soft starters, these side effects are history. Whether for standard or high-feature starting, this seamless range offers a suitable soft alternative for almost any application. Optimum and future-proof machine concepts can be very easily and efficiently achieved through the smooth starting of three-phase motors.


SIRIUS 3RA6 Compact Starters


Efficient Engineering with the utmost functionality

The Siemens SIRIUS 3RA6 series of compact starters is a great solution for customers that need a maximum amount of reliability and efficiency in their control cabinet. It reduces planning costs and significantly minimizes the overall costs from configuration to commissioning. Compared to conventional feeders, this starter is a more compact universal feeder that offers higher functionality, and is simpler to maintain. Traditionally, a motor starter protector, which only contains a breaker and overload unit, would have to be connected in line with a contactor. The 3RA6 motor starter combines the functionality of a circuit breaker, solid-state overload relay, and contactor all in one unit.


SIRIUS 3RA2 Load Feeders


Load Feeders for any application

Siemens SIRIUS series offer you load feeders for any application; whether you need a direct, reversing star-delta (wye-delta), fused or fuseless, you can get it in a single unit. More than 40,000 tested combinations cover almost every application case. The 3RA2 fuseless load feeders consist of the 3RV2 motor starter protector and the 3RT2 electromechanical contactor. The devices are electrical and mechanically connected using pre-assembled assembly kits (link modules, wiring kits and standard mounting rail or busbar adapters).


SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters

Compact | Economical | Simple

Space-saving systems require maximum efficiency and can pose significant challenges for system engineers. Systems and machinery are becoming increasingly compact and are expected to have smaller footprints, but typically require more auxiliary drives. SIRIUS 3RM1 Motor Starters are precisely tailored to meet these requirements and represent the solution for the development of cutting-edge and future-oriented systems.


Top Challenges & Solutions

What challenges do panel integrators face when buying motor starters?


Challenge: Now more than ever, end-users require the capability to track data and real-time data analysis.

Siemens Solution: In addition to the SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter, which can be easily connected to the IO-Link master via a standardized IO-Link connection, we also offer 3RA27 function modules for establishing IO-Link connection. These function modules can be fitted directly onto the 3RT2 SIRIUS contactors making complete groups of load feeders capable of communication. This allows customers to optimize their plants’ efficiency and move closer towards industry 4.0.


Challenge: Meeting requirements of future plans

Siemens Solution: 3RA6 starter uses built in solid state overload relay. These relays have a much wider range than traditional thermal overload relays. This proves to be incredibly useful when the size of a motor isn’t specifically known, especially in cabinets designed for future use.


Challenge: short-circuit protection (breaker), overload protection (overload relay), and standard switching (contactor) are all required to start a motor. This is often expensive and time consuming for panel integrators to procure and install each individual component.

Siemens Solution:The SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starter from Siemens offers all 3 of these devices integrated into one unit which saves space and time wiring.


Challenge: Time spent on wiring, maintenance and replacement can be highly costly for end-users and panel integrators.

Siemens Solution: Premium products in the SIRIUS portfolio, such as the SIRIUS 3RA6 compact starters offer an infeed system, which allows multiple starters to be connected from a single incoming line feed and allow for easy replacement during maintenance. The SIRIUS portfolio also has a variety of accessories that allow integrators to spend less time on installation, have an overall more refined design, and save space in their cabinet. A commonly used accessory is the 3 phase busbar system, which allows multiple load feeders to be fed from a single incoming line feed. Another example are link modules, which allow direct connection from the motor starter protectors to the contactors removing the need to wire these components together.



Need help finding the most suitable compact starter? Here’s a series of checklist and questions that you can simply email to and our automation experts will assist in recommendations and quotation.

Do you require full MSP (breaker, contactor and overload)?

What is the required Full-Load current of the motor? This is to determine the most suitable overload relay range

What is the power required? (in HP or kW)

What is the single or three-phase Supply Voltage required?

What is the desired Coil voltage? (for contactors)

Is reversing required on the motor?


How can E.B. Horsman & Son help you with your motor needs?

Our Automation, Industrial Controls and Motors division has staff that specialize in Siemens motors, starters, load feeders, and PLCs. Regardless of application, our experts can carryout a thorough analysis on your specs and designs to recommend and quote the best suited products. Not confident enough? We offer training in many automation devices to make you and your staff experts and leaders in your field. Contact us now for any inquiries:

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