Stelpro & nVent Raychem Heat Cable Solutions


Winter Maintenance and Preparation

Prepare yourself for winter by using nVent RAYCHEM and Stelpro winter solutions. They offer everything from industrial, commercial, and residential needs. Proper winter maintenance helps prevent damage from freezing temperatures and can help pipeline flow run smoothly throughout the winter season.

nVent RAYCHEM Industrial Heat Tracing

The arrival of winter means pipelines and industrial processes will once again be the target of freezing temperatures. Heat tracing circuits allow you to solve most, if not all of your problems. Proper use of heat cables can help prevent corrosion, loosening of electrical components, and water ingress. nVent heat tracing cables are reliable, simple in design, fast and easy to install.

nVent RAYCHEM Commercial & Residential Heat Cables

nVent RAYCHEM heat trace products deliver the right amount of heat to keep you and your family safe and comfortable while also being energy efficient. Whatever your application needs are, RAYCHEM has a heating solution for you.

Stelpro Heating Cables

Save yourself the headache of frozen pipes, roofs and gutters. Be ready this winter with Stelpro’s new self-regulated heating cables! Learn more in this Buying Guide:

nVent RAYCHEM FrostGuard Heating Cable

Protect your roofs, gutters, porches and water pipes from the harsh winter freeze with the energy-efficient and pre-assembled heating cable nVent RAYCHEM FrostGuard. The self-regulating technology allows for controlled de-icing, preventing freezing, ice build-up and icicles. Fight the harsh winter with FrostGuard!

Why Choose Stelpro?

°STELPRO is a Quebec-based family-owned manufacturer established in 1981 and is renowned in the electric heating industry, heating cables, ventilation (HVAC), and electronic controls. As a North American leader in its market, °STELPRO offers quality heating products designed and manufactured in Canada providing maximum performance, safety, and innovative design.


Why Choose nVent RAYCHEM?

nVent RAYCHEM is a world-leading provider of heat-trace management systems for infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. They provide electrical thermal solutions that connect & protect people, critical infrastructure, industrial processes and buildings. From oil & gas to power generation industries, and high-rise buildings to residential houses.


Shop nVent RAYCHEM on Our E-commerce Site

Talk to one of our staff and they will recommend the nVent RAYCHEM heating product that best suits your needs. Act now before the harsh winter arrives.

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