3 Smart Home Light Dimmers to Set the Mood

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, February is a great time to create ambience in your living space. One of the quickest ways to do this is by dimming the lights wherever you want a little mood lighting. Smart lights and dimmers automate the process, allowing you to control lighting levels with your smartphone or tablet through an Internet-connected hub or an app. 

Discover the power of smart lighting and transform your home! Here are a few great options to get you started:

1. Lutron Caséta Smart Lighting Control System

Fully automate your home’s lighting to create any mood you desire with Lutron’s Caséta. This system’s smart-timer function allows you to control and schedule when your lights dim, turn on, and turn off. You can also automate your lights with geofencing—a virtual boundary you create and control using your smartphone, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cell data.

Setting up Caséta is simple. Once you install the placeholder, you can easily put the Caséta switch into place, and sync it with your lamp of choice. Adding a Pico smart remote control makes it even easier. Caséta’s features include:

  • Scheduling: Caséta adjusts your lighting automatically at sunset, sunrise, or any other time, based on your schedule.
  • Multiple controls: Keep you in control from anywhere with dimmers, Pico remotes, the mobile app, or voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Personalized scenes: Allow you to set the mood for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, or whatever the occasion might be.
  • Geofencing: Detects your location, sending an alert if you accidentally leave with the lights on, and welcoming you with light when you get home.
  • Smart Away: Protects your home while you’re away by turning lights on and off. 
  • Voice-activated convenience: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit to give you hands-free lighting control.
Man placing the light switch on the wall

2. Leviton Decora Smart

Leviton can help you light for ambience with its wide range of Decora Smart products, including automated dimmers, switches, outlets, and plug-ins.

Made to coordinate with its popular line of Decora devices, Leviton’s smart lighting products support LED, compact fluorescent lamps, incandescents, and halogen bulbs. Similar to Caséta, Decor Smart products’ features include:

  • Scheduling
  • Full-range dimming
  • Adjustable fade rates
  • Voice-activated technology

3. Lutron RA2 Select

Lutron’s RA2 Select wireless home control system allows you to create personalized smart lighting for any mood—complete with window-blind control—on any budget.

The Lutron app controls RA2 Select-compatible lights and shades remotely via a smartphone or tablet. And the Pico remote gives you added control over individual lights and shades.

RA2 Select is easy to set up through the Lutron app, which automatically configures light and shade levels for typical activities. You can also use the pre-engraved Pico scene keypad to ensure every room in your home has the right lighting, including Bright, Entertain, and Relax pre-set light and shade levels.

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