7th July 2020


Do you ever wonder where in the world your electrical products come from? Believe it or not, many of the electrical products you use today are manufactured right here in Canada. From Siemens to Thomas & Betts, some of the most well-known brands in our industry have Canadian manufacturing facilities for a wide range of electrical products.

As a Canadian-owned electrical distributor, we like to support Canadian manufacturers and subsidiaries who give back to our local communities and make great products at the same time. In fact, just by buying Canadian-made electrical products, you too can help create Canadian jobs, save costs and more. This blog will show you:

  • Why to source locally over globally.
  • How Canadian quality control standards help make safer electrical products.
  • How Canadian electrical manufacturers create jobs and contribute to the GDP.
  • Why it’s more socially and environmentally responsible to buy Canadian.
  • How delivery and logistics are improved by Canadian manufacturing facilities.
  • How you can save costs by buying Canadian.

As a Canadian-owned electrical distributor, we prefer to support Canadian manufacturers and subsidiaries who in turn support our community.

After all, a lot of our customers choose to work with us because we’re a local independent company that gives back to the local economy, and we want to do the same.

Here are just a few of the benefits of supporting local Canadian Manufactures:

You know exactly what you’re buying.

Products manufactured in Canada follow strict quality control standards so when you use them in your construction projects, your customers are safer and your projects are up to code.

You’re helping create more jobs in Canada.

The Canadian manufacturing industry employs: 1.7 million people and contributes more than: 10% of total Gross Domestic Product helping to create a stronger Canadian economy.

It’s more sustainable and socially responsible.

When you buy locally, not only are you reducing excess waste and the carbon footprint of around-the-world shipping, but more of what you pay is going to hard-working Canadian employees.

Canadian subsidiaries give back to our community.

Giving back is encourage by Canadian tax laws and manufacturers frequently support the communities they serve through fundraising, volunteering, benefits, and other company-sponsored activities.



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If you think you need to use overseas manufactures to save money it’s not that simple

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Decrease the cost of shipping and delivery logistic when factories are nearby

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Reduce warehouse costs by ordering parts when you need them

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Avoid tariffs and other international mark ups that increase overall cost

Who’s Who in Canadian Manufacturing

You might be wondering who the Canadian electrical manufactures are – and they are more familiar than you think.


ABB Canada operates close to 50 facilities and employs approximately 4,000 people across the country.


A family-owned business from Quebec that designs and manufacturers heating cables, HVAC and electronic controls in Canada.

Siemens Instrumentation


Designs and manufactures sophisticated measurement instruments for process industries from its base in Peterborough, Ontario.




Located in Oakville, Ontario, Ipex manufactures PVC and PVCO that are widely used in municipal and commercial project in Canada

Hammond Power Solutions

Established in 1917 in Guelph, Ontario, HPS now has multiple manufacturing facilities in Canada and the world

Anamet Canada Inc.


Located in Eastern Ontario, Anamet is proud to produce over 80% of the product sold in Canada within its own plant

Code Electric




A family-owned business with manufacturing facilities for electrical enclosures, cable tray and precision metal products in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia



Stanpro is one of the largest lighting companies in Canada with over 55 years of combined experience in the lighting industry


A global manufacturer of emergency lighting and exit signs. Emergi-Lite provides products using innovative technologies designed for performance.


A North American facility, established in 1982. Ledalite is a Lean-certified manufacturer that adheres to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) principles.


Contemporary and traditional luminaire styles that blend form and function in roadway and outdoor urban lighting.

Lighthead Lighting


With their head office located on the west coast of Canada, Lightheaded has become a well established North American Lighting Manufacturer.


Hazlux offers a broad assortment of mounting styles, housings, lamps, guards, globes, reflectors and refractors to adapt to any hazardous lighting need.

E.B. Horsman is Proud to be Canadian and Support Canadian-Made Products!

Help Support Local Canadian Businesses
and Workers When You Shop E.B. Horsman.

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