Cut Back On Energy Costs With These 4 Solutions

Looking to cut back on energy costs? As your one-stop-shop for lighting, we offer services that can help you save valuable energy, money and time. Read on to see how lighting audits, energy-saving calculations, provincial incentive programs, and assistance with lighting layout and design can help you reach your goals.

Lighting Audits

A lighting audit makes sure your lights are the most energy-efficient they can be. It helps you get the most out of your lighting setup and find ways to improve.

During a lighting audit, we visit your building, take a look at your existing indoor and outdoor lighting, and gather details. Then we suggest ways for you to save energy for the following (and more):

  • Wood frame construction
  • Commercial building construction
  • Industrial lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Hazardous locations
  • Street lighting (roadway, highways, and parking lots)
  • Residential, commercial and institutional buildings
  • Emergency and security lighting

Overdue for a lighting audit?

Energy-Saving Calculations

If you’re a property manager – like many of our clients are – you’re probably on the search to cut back on unnecessary energy building costs. But calculating these can zap hours that you just don’t have. That’s where we come in.

With our energy-saving calculations, we’ll do a deep dive into your lighting costs (wattage time, running time, and average electricity rate) and compare those to your budget. Using these calculations, we help you find the best lighting fixtures, lamps, ballasts, automated controls, and more for your residential, commercial, or industrial space. For older buildings, these calculations can help you find the best retrofit and replacement products.

Give us a call to book in an energy-saving calculation.

Provincial Incentive Programs

Looking for rebate programs to save some extra hard-earned dollars? Provincial incentive programs are a great way to do so. Depending on your province, there are certain cost-cutting options available to you that you might not know about!


Ask us about the Energy Savings for Business (ESB) program. It can help you reduce emissions and decrease operating costs while helping you grow your operations and become more competitive. A wide range of cost-effective, high-efficiency products are eligible for incentives, including lighting systems. Incentives for eligible businesses include:

  • up to $250,000 per project
  • up to $1 million per parent company to cover the cost of products and services
  • a minimum incentive amount of $500



Because we’re part of the E.B. Horsman family, we’re a registered distributor with the BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance. Being an Alliance member has its advantages to you, too, such as energy-saving incentives and coverage of up to 75% of the cost of an eligible energy-efficiency retrofit.

Fortis BC introduced its rebates program for high-efficiency commercial equipment. Whether you need to replace your oven, furnace, or water heater, these rebates will help you save money. If you are trying to figure out the right one for your business, don’t worry! Take the free commercial energy assessment to find the best offer for your business. 

BC Hydro recently launched a bonus offer for business energy-saving incentives. For a limited time, small to medium-size businesses can get a top-up bonus of up to 20% in additional funding for energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Hurry, as this is a limited-time offer!

BC Hydro also recently announced its beefed-up offer for advanced lighting controls projects to help save you money. This new tier of incentives for networked lighting controls (NLC) can provide up to four times the savings on incentive amounts for NLC systems’ products!

Lighting Layout and Design

Need to light up your space but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help with any lighting layout and design needs. With the AGi32 software, our lighting specialists provide a more accurate and comprehensive calculation and light behaviour representation for your design. Doing so will save you time and money in the long run. It’s always better to do a job right the first time, rather than backtracking and trying again. 

Whether you want a completely new lighting design, or need individual light fixtures, our lighting specialists can find you lamps, ballasts, fixtures and lighting controls that meet your needs. The right lighting can help you reduce your energy bill and improve lighting levels while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design to boot.

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Interested in learning more? Browse our guides for details, shop our 20,000 products for inspiration, or reach out to an expert for assistance. Together, we’ll ensure that you have a smarter light in every space!

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