EV Charging 101: What Property Managers Need To Know

Soaring gas prices and climate change have led to increasing demand for electrical vehicles (EVs) in recent years. If you’re looking for EV charging stations and chargers for your strata buildings or other residential property, AlbriteLighting can help you find the right solutions.

When did you last update your outdoor and landscape lighting? It might be time for an energy-efficient upgrade that helps keep people and your property safe.

EV Charging Station Options

When it comes to EV products, you have choices! We can help you navigate this growing market to find the right fit. 

Below is a brief overview of the three different types of EV charging stations. It’s important to be aware of all three, but most property managers require a Level 2 charging station, depending on the building size and number of EV drivers.

Level 1 Charging

120V – slow charge

  • Residential use
  • Installation cost: plug typically comes free with EV purchase 
  • Charge time: 8–24 hours
  • Uses as much power as a space heater
  • Plugs into a standard outlet

Level 2 Charging

208 to 240V – AC fast charging

  • Residential or business use
  • Installation cost: $500–$2,500
  • Charge time: 4–10 hours 
  • Uses as much power as a clothes dryer
  • Electrician needed to install station

Level 3 Charging

480V – DC fast charging

  • Business use
  • Installation cost: $50,000–$100,000
  • Charge time: 30–45 minutes
  • These pay-per-use charging stations are typically for public use


With its Evr-Green line, Leviton offers complete EV charging solutions, including Level 2 non-networked residential and commercial chargers, accessories such as surge protection panels and mounting holsters, and network software.

Evr-Green 4000

  • Partnership with ChargePoint Network Services 
  • Available with Wi-Fi for networking with external providers
  • Stations can activate optional access control, preventing unauthorized use with RFID cards
  • Allows to control the EV charger through an app

Electric Avenue

Retrofitting the parking area of an existing multi-unit residential building for EV charging can be expensive and challenging, but we’re here to help. 

Many local governments now have policies requiring new residential buildings to provide energized outlets in residential parking stalls. If you’re a strata manager working with a new build, be sure to check in with your electricians or our team of experts to clarify the requirements in your community.

Watti EV charger

Need EV charging at home? The Electric Avenue Watti Home smart EV charger is perfect for small-scale residential use. Its Level 2 station charges any EV up to 40 amps with NEMA 14-50P, or up to 48 amps with hardwired installation. Benefits include:

  • Compatible with all EV manufacturers
  • Backed by a three-year warranty
  • Quick installation
  • Tracks and monitors energy use
  • Includes free app

Share the Load

Struggling with load management due to multiple EV charging stations in your building? Load sharing allows you to control the amount of electricity each EV charging station uses when multiple units are connected to the same circuit.

Want to learn more about implementing  load sharing? Ask us about the DIVVEE-40, by LoadShare Technologies Inc.. This multi-use loadshare device is an easy, affordable upgrade that’s ideal for residential EV chargers. It intercepts a 40-amp circuit in your electrical breaker panel – usually the range/oven breaker – to share the power supply with your EV charger. When the range turns on, DIVVEE shuts off the EV charger until the range stops, then automatically restarts the charger.

EV Charger Rebate Programs

British Columbia 

BC Hydro’s EV charger rebate program offers rebates for the purchase and installation of EV chargers and infrastructure across the province., including for apartment and condo buildings. Read more about this program to find out if you’re eligible for a rebate. BC Hydro recently expanded its own EV charging network, and it has further expansion plans, with new sites popping up all the time across B.C.

FortisBC also offers rebates to its customers who purchase and install an EV charging station. Rebates are also available for multi-unit residential buildings and workplaces. Read more about the FortisBC program for eligibility, rebate details, and how to apply.

Ever Charger Rebates Across Canada

While federal rebate programs recently ended, and rebates are currently unavailable in Alberta and Saskatchewan, be sure to watch out for new provincial rebate programs rolling out as the EV market continues to grow. Some municipalities also offer EV charging rebates, so it’s a good idea to check what’s available in your location.

Dahua Thermal Camera System

The Dahua Network Security System offers a comprehensive video security solution, encompassing everything needed for swift installation, configuration, and effective utilization. These IP cameras deliver high-definition 8MP video quality, while the NVR incorporates advanced motion detection algorithms, alarm triggers, and customizable recording modes. Moreover, the NVR boasts user-friendly Plug and Play technology, enabling seamless connection with cameras within the same network. Additionally, each component is designed to be compatible with the PoE power supply, streamlining the installation process.

Let's Charge Up

Whatever your EV charging needs, Albrite can help you find the best solutions. Check out our EV Charger Guide for more information about charging stations, and commercial and residential chargers.

Remember, many provincial and municipal governments require certified electricians to install EV chargers. Consider working with an electrician who has completed the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training program

Have questions, or need help connecting with a certified electrician? Contact us for more information and support today!

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