4 Essential Steps To Prepare Your Outdoor And Landscape Lighting For Winter

As the days get shorter and winter quickly approaches, proper outdoor lighting fixtures and systems can make all the difference for safety and security.

When did you last update your outdoor and landscape lighting? It might be time for an energy-efficient upgrade that helps keep people and your property safe.

How To Get Outdoor Lighting Ready For Cold Weather

1. Check And Secure Existing Lights

Use this checklist to make sure all of your outdoor lights are secure and in working order:

  • Clean all fixtures, inside and out, before cold weather sets in. Be sure to turn the power off first!
  • Inspect and secure. Tighten any bulbs in sockets and check wiring and outlet covers. After inspecting during daylight, check your lights at night, too, to ensure they’re working.
  • Replace burned out or flickering lights with LED bulbs: they last years longer than incandescent bulbs, are energy-efficient and perform better in cold weather.


Adjust any timers to cover longer hours of winter darkness.

Cooper Lumark Crosstour LED Wallpack

Keene Slim Flood LED LIghts

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Signify Keene 50W Round LED Post

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2. Upgrade To The Latest And Best Commercial Outdoor Lighting Products

These are some of our top outdoor LED product picks for commercial use:

  • For brightness, style and energy-efficiency: The Cooper Lumark Crosstour LED wall pack is a great fit for all kinds of outdoor spaces, including building entrances, multi-use facilities, apartment buildings, stairwells and loading docks. This rugged series of luminaries features low-profile, die-cast aluminum construction, a universal back box, stainless steel hardware, and a sealed and gasketed optical compartment to protect it from harsh elements.
  • For affordability: Keene LED slim floodlights are low-profile and easy on the budget; perfect for lighting signs, building facades, security lighting, and more. Choose from six sizes, all of which feature surge protection, insulated internal wiring inside the housing, and silicone seals wherever wiring passes through. The single-piece, die-cast aluminum alloy housing acts as a heat sink to ensure natural and passive cooling.


3. Improve Landscape Lighting

Now that you’ve prepared outdoor lighting for your building façades, it’s time to take a look at  landscape lighting, which illuminates walkways, gardens, parks, and other residential, and commercial settings. To learn more about the different types of landscape lighting, challenges, and solutions, plus recommended products, read our Landscape Lighting Guide.

And if you haven’t made the switch yet, LED lighting offers plenty of benefits. Whether you need a wall pack, floodlight, roadway lighting, or  bollard lights for landscaping, the Albrite Lighting Supply & Design team is here to help you find the best solutions for your outdoor space or project.


4. Get A Lighting Audit

Did you know Albrite does site visits? Whether you need to meet local codes, or want to reduce power consumption to save money and energy, our talented lighting team can audit your existing setup and recommend how to upgrade lighting for:

Contact us today to book your lighting audit! 

Want to learn more about lighting? Check out our 2022 LED Lighting Guide!

Let Us Brighten Up Your Winter

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