Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Smart Home Automation Products

Smart home automation isn’t just a wave of the future. It’s here, and it’s only expected to grow. Some experts are predicting the market will expand to $133 billion US by 2027!

You’ve probably heard of smart lighting, but how familiar are you with the range of other smart home products? Beyond lighting, smart home automation can touch almost every corner of a space. 

Read on for a comprehensive guide to some of the top recommended home automation products—for single-family homes, multi-family units, and even commercial spaces. 

Smart Home Automation Ideas to Consider This Year

Smart Power Outlets

Smart outlets allow users to remotely control power flow, schedule operations, and monitor energy consumption via a smartphone or tablet. 

You can effortlessly turn off unused appliances, schedule plug-in lamps to mimic occupancy patterns for enhanced security, or remotely power down electronics to save energy—all at the touch of a screen. 

For a variety of uses, we love Leviton’s line of smart outlets, like this one; the industry’s first smart GFCI outlet. They allow you to configure notifications via the My Leviton app—for instance, to alert a smartphone if the GFCI trips due to a ground fault—making it ideal for remote monitoring. ‘We also recommend Leviton fast-charge, type-C outlets. These offer 60W and 30W options for fast charging while eliminating the need for a charger block.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors cue lights to turn on automatically when someone enters a room or when motion is detected—making them excellent for convenience and security.

Leviton’s wall-mounted smart dimmers, for example, can be used in closets, pantries, bathrooms, and garages, eliminating fumbling for switches in dark areas, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving overall accessibility and security. 

Working with a commercial space? They also come in handy for storage closets, supply rooms, restrooms, hallways, and corridors.

Smart Cameras

From high-definition security cams that keep a vigilant eye on your property to AI-powered cameras that recognize faces, these innovative devices are reshaping the way we keep our homes and businesses safe.

The Dahua N484E62C 4MP Basic Night Color (VU-More Color) security system also provides a complete video security solution with features such as smart IR technology that adjusts the camera’s infrared LED intensity to avoid overexposure, plus smart dual illumination, smart motion detection, and intelligent search.

Preparing for a temporary absence from a vacation property? Here are some more recommended products to ensure safety and security while it’s vacant.

Smart Ceiling Fans

Keeping comfortable is a breeze with automated ceiling fans. The traditional fixtures have evolved into smart fans, such as this Leviton fan with speed control and LED indicator

Most come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, intuitive controls, and climate sensors to keep occupants comfortable.

Smart Home Lighting

The original smart home product! Putting light controls at your fingertips allows you to customize lighting levels, save energy, and improve security at your home or business through automation. 

You can choose colour-changing LEDs, motion-sensing bulbs, smart dimmers, and even smart shades and blinds—or incorporate other smart lighting hacks.

Lutron’s Maestro dimmers and switches offer the best of all worlds, with full app control and also rocker dimmers for adjusting lights manually.

Not sure which lighting control system you need for your building? Take a look at our “basic, good, better, and best” overview of Lutron smart home dimmer systems.

Other Recommendations for Smart Home Products

We’re just scratching the surface here—new smart home products and systems come onto the market every day. The world of automation is growing, from smart thermostats to smart appliances, AI-powered voice assistants and more. 

Take a look at our recent Leviton spotlight, for instance, to learn more about the full range of smart-home and automation products the company offers, from dimmers to EV chargers. 

Tips for Automating Single-Family Residences

Automating your—or your customer’s—primary home or vacation retreat enhances convenience, security, and energy efficiency in remarkable ways. 

Imagine arriving at a cozy cabin in the mountains after a long drive, greeted by a warm and well-lit interior thanks to remotely activated smart thermostats and lighting systems. You can also install smart locks for hassle-free entry management and peace of mind. We suggest getting started by creating a smart hub to centralize device control.

Tips for Automating Multi-Family and Commercial Spaces

Start by thoroughly assessing the space to identify areas that will benefit most from automation, such as lighting, HVAC systems, and access control. Opt for scalable automation solutions that accommodate the unique needs of your facility—whether it’s an apartment building, office space, or other complex—to allow for easy expansion and customization.

Cloud-based management platforms can help centrally monitor and control all connected devices, while occupancy sensors and smart thermostats optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and enhance comfort. Prioritize security with surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarm sensors, and more. 

Let’s Find the Smart Home Products You Need

Whether you’re retrofitting a residential space or working on a new commercial building, automation can help modernize your space and set it up for future success. Our team of lighting experts can help you find everything you need for your next home automation project.

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