°Stelpro yellow portable multipurpose construction heater 4800w 240v


Multipurpose Portable Heater

Any construction worker will tell you that the SCH is the fast-acting heating unit most often found on construction sites, hence its nickname: “the construction heater.” Housed in a 20-gauge steel casing, it features a rugged protective grille and nichrome element for instant heat at start-up. Despite its small size, this heating powerhouse boasts 4800 W. The SCH can be placed on the ground or against a wall, using a support bracket, available as an option. This heater is right at home on construction sites and in workshops and garages. Choose the SCH when you need rapid, reliable heat

Ideal For
construction site
  • safe and rugged20-gauge steel
  • 4800 w housed in a small unit
  • open coil generates instant heat
  • permanently enclosed lubricated motor (sch4800t)
  • versatile: permanent or temporary installationwith optional support bracket

  • standard : red (SCH48T models), canary yellow (SCH4800T)
  • epoxy-polyester powdercoat
  • 20-gauge steel cabinet
  • sturdy handle for portability that also serves as cord rack and which adapts to the mounting bracket
  • 6?ft. (2?m) 12?Awg. molded cable with 3-prong grounded, 30?A 250?V plug (except for SCH48TWBPL)
  • 6?f
  • 250 CFM fan (SCH48T models)
  • permanently enclosed lubricated motor and 300?CFM fan (SCH4800T)
  • nichrome element ensuring increased comfort
  • cone-shaped to concentrate the air around the element
  • built-in thermostat with control knob protector
  • connects to a standard 30?A 250?V grounded receptacle (except for SCH48TWBPL)
  • hard-wired into a wall junction box (SCH48TWBPL)
  • mounting bracket that can rotate at 360° while preventing the unit from tipping
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