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January 25th, 2023


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About A-T Controls

For over 20 years, A-T Controls has been recognized for its product designs and manufacture. Their manual and automated valves are used across several industries, including oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, marine, HVAC, and more. They fulfill their mission of providing quality valves and automation products while ensuring they meet the requirements to give success to the customers. As they continue to grow, A-T Controls’ pursuit of innovative solutions sets them apart from its competitors.

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Why A-T Controls?

A-T Controls’ extensive portfolio and experience contribute to their growth in the electrical industry. Their five pillars, availability, responsiveness, innovation, quality products, and broad offering, equips the company to serve their customers and their needs better.


1. Certifications

A-T Controls’ commitment to quality and innovative products are some of the pillars that led them to be a global leader in manual and automated process valves. Their numerous certifications allow them to improve and deliver products in a timely manner. Some of their credentials include ISO-9001, TA-Luft for low emissions, ABS-approved, API 607, and more. This extensive list demonstrates its dedication to its products and users.


2. Product Availability

Operating from its primary facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Stafford, Texas, A-T Controls aims to reach customers across different continents. Their several offices and network of distributors allow A-T Controls’ products to be available throughout North America, Central, and South America, South Africa, and Asia-Pacific.


3. Solutions-oriented products

A-T Controls tackles new challenges through new product designs, presenting solutions to customers’ problems. Their LB ball valve series, with their latest technology in PFA, allows for greater durability and higher temperature resistance, providing efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the customers. This is one example of how A-T Controls develop new solutions through their products.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

A-T Controls’ continued growth and consideration for its customers make them a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son. At E.B. Horsman & Son, we continuously look for ways to deliver solutions to our customers, and we achieve that through A-T Controls. Their innovation provides the best quality products with the latest technology, maintaining its position as a leading company in the electrical industry. Next time you look for valves, trust A-T Controls and their reliable products.

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