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January 23 2023


About Dialight Corporation

Dialight is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology. They have millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide. In 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, Dialight started to produce instrument panel lights for aircraft. In 1971, one year after the introduction of the LED, they launched their first LED product. Since then, Dialight has revolutionized the use of LEDs to provide superior lighting for traffic control, indicators, structural towers, and industrial work sites globally. The company offers the largest selection of rugged, cutting-edge products to suit virtually any industrial application. With over 50 years of industrial LED lighting experience and the largest installed base in the world, Dialight is here to help you identify a lighting solution that meets your specific needs.

Why Dialight Corporation


Robust lighting that keeps you safe


With Dialight-led lights, the risk of accidents reduces by as much as 60%. Dialight’s industry-leading long LED fixture lifespan helps significantly reduce the dangerous task of maintaining industrial lighting at elevated heights. The crisp and clear light illuminates your surroundings to expose potential accidents before they happen. Dialight designs products that can withstand the rigors of industrial use and harsh environments like high heat, vibrations, dust, debris, unstable power conditions, and an explosive atmosphere. Additionally, they offer hazardous led and explosion-proof lighting options.


Sustainable lighting options 


LED lighting is the most efficient white light that offers significant energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions. Dialight is a pure-play LED lighting company dedicated solely to environmentally friendly LED lighting with over 50 years of LED-only expertise. Dialight has highly efficient products with a lifespan of nearly double that of other LED competitor products reducing landfill waste. Furthermore, their products do not contain mercury or other toxic materials requiring hazardous disposal. Dialight Corporation is one of the only industrial LED lighting companies currently certifying their products with independently verified Environmental Product Declarations. The organization is committed to becoming net zero by 2040 and is part of the Green Economy Index on the London Stock Exchange.


Cost-effective lighting for optimal saving


Upgrading to Dialight industrial LED lighting is cost-effective. It reduces lighting-related energy costs, maintenance costs, production downtime, and the risk of accidents due to poor illumination. Many of their products are Design Lights Consortium (DLC), meaning they qualify for additional utility rebates. Moreover, these fixtures have controls-enabled options that can integrate with existing Factory Automation for even more savings.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

Like E.B. Horsman & Son, Dialight Corporation is dedicated to providing the best quality products to ensure success for its customers. Their continuous innovation and commitment make Dialight Corporation a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son. With our staff’s expertise and training on Dialight products, we will help you select the right products that meet your application requirement and have them delivered right when you need them.

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