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January 30th, 2023


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About Fluid Components International

With more than five decades of experience, Fluid Components International is a leader in measurement technologies for flow, level, temperature, and pressure instrumentation. From thermal mass flow meters to flow switches and level switches, Fluid Components International is the preferred brand across industries including chemical, oil and gas, power and energy, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, and more. Fluid Components International ensures efficiency, providing the right solution to your problems.

Why Fluid Components International?

1. Quality

Whether it is measuring heat loss or heat consumption or working on water treatment, it is essential to have the product with the proper certification to ensure the safety of the people involved. Being an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, Fluid Components International delivers high-quality products for hazardous environments. Quality approval and certification agencies such as FM, CSA, and more have validated their flow, level, and temperature instrumentation. Moreover, Fluid Components International is also SIL compliant, providing reliability in its products.


2. Innovation

Fluid Components International is a P.I Process Instrumentation Innovation Award winner, demonstrating the technology breakthrough in their products. With their new ST80 thermal flow meters, Fluid Components International combines two measuring techniques, constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT), along with CP mode. This technology merges both approaches, providing efficiency and adaptability for different conditions. This is one example of how Fluid Components International continues to innovate, incorporating simplicity and versatility in their designs.


3. Global Presence

Fluid Components International continues to grow and serve its customers around the world. With over 50 local sales offices in the United States, Fluid Components International is recognized worldwide as the pioneer in thermal dispersion measurement technology, including countries in Europe and Asia. This allows customers to receive assistance and support from anywhere in the world.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

At E.B. Horsman & Son, we trust Fluid Components International has the instrumentation solution for your processes and operations. They continuously work to meet the customers’ needs, investing in their quality improvement and services. Their innovation and commitment to providing the highest value led them to be recognized industry-wide for their products. Contact one of our at E.B. Horsman & Son to help you customize and configure your product to ensure success.

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