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February 3, 2023

About IPEX Inc

As the leader in thermoplastic piping systems, IPEX companies design and manufacture the largest, most recognized diverse range of integrated piping products – everything professionals need to manage the full spectrum of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential challenges. IPEX brings accountability, reliability, and integrity to every project. Their excellent distributor relationships and industry-experienced sales and support network have made IPEX the responsible choice in North America for over fifty years.

Why IPEX Inc



Thermoplastic valves are used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. For instance, thermoplastic valves are found in a variety of wastewater chemical feed systems. Thermoplastic valves are also widely used in pharmaceutical and food processing applications; and in harsh environments such as mining, metal refining, and chemical processing facilities.


Tempest® Inlet Control Devices

Tempest® is a family inlet control device that works together across a series of catch basins to limit the amount of stormwater runoff that can enter a combined sewer system during a storm event.


A Cost-Effective Solution to Storm Water Surcharge Problems

  • Tempest® provides control by restricting flow into the sewer system and conserving sewer system capacity while slowing down the inlet flow. This results in a reduction in residential flooding and flash flooding
  • Alleviate sewer system odour emissions as well as prevent floating debris from entering the sewer system
  • Available in a wide range of patent-pending models and pre-set flow rates, Tempest® systems can accommodate most stormwater flow control requirements from 32 GPM to 270 GPM and beyond
  •  Specific solutions can be engineered to meet your unique needs 
  • Constructed from durable PVC, Tempest® units are corrosion free and built to last
  • easy to install over a catch basin outlet pipe


Scepter® Rigid PVC Conduit

Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit and fittings provide a comprehensive solution for any professional electrician. Compared to metal, PVC products reduce labour on a typical installation by up to two-thirds. PVC is easy to work with; it can also be cut and joined without the usual pipe vices, cutters, threading equipment, and reamers associated with metal conduits.


Advantages of Scepter Conduit

  • Fire resistant: IPEX’s proprietary PVC compound used to manufacture Scepter products is a self-extinguishing material and will not support combustion. Samples taken from an actual fire show the outer surface of the conduit was blistered and charred. The interior of the conduit was unaffected. Fire-resistant characteristics when tested to CAN ULC S102.2
  • Nonconducting: Scepter Rigid PVC Conduit pipe and fittings are nonsparking and nonconducting, thereby eliminating the most dangerous ‘second point of contact’ and ‘phase to ground’ faults. The use of a separate grounding conductor in a Scepter PVC conduit system gives a complete and positive ground for the whole system.


Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

IPEX Inc continued growth and consideration for its customers make them a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son. At E.B. Horsman & Son, we continuously look for ways to deliver solutions to our customers, and we achieve that through IPEX Inc. Their innovation provides the best quality products with the latest technology, maintaining its position as a leading company in the thermoplastic piping system industry. Next time you look for piping systems, trust IPEX Inc and its reliable products.

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