Is Designer Lighting the Key to Transforming Your Space?


Lighting is not just a functional aspect of interior spaces; it’s a powerful design tool that can transform environments, enhance mood, and elevate the overall aesthetic. Whether it’s a retail showroom, an office space, or a residential interior, the right lighting design can significantly enhance the overall experience.

At E.B. Horsman & Son, we understand the significance of well-designed lighting in creating captivating and functional spaces, that is why we offer an array of options from top manufacturers.

Louis Poulsen

Established in 1874 in Copenhagen, Louis Poulsen is known for delivering high-quality products designed to last a lifetime. As a pioneer in luxury lighting, Louis Poulsen collaborated with several designers and architects, creating top-of-the-line award-winning products. Their vision of shaping light and creating atmospheres that make people feel good, indoors and outdoors, makes Louis Poulsen a leading luxury lighting manufacturer.

Their extensive portfolio includes pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, outdoor lamps, and more to meet specific project needs.

Premier Custom Lighting + Decor

Located in Vancouver, Premier Custom Lighting + Decor has 26 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom architectural lighting fixtures, LED fixtures and retrofit kits. Their commitment to providing innovative, long life, architectural lighting solutions has led them to participate in esteemed projects in Canada, the US and the World. Distinguished by their tailor-made offerings and an array of captivating colours, their products deliver the final touch to your project, creating the perfect ambiance for your space.

Custom Lights

Custom Chandeliers

Custom Blown Glass

Zaneen Lighting

Founded in 1981, Zaneen Lighting started out as a decorative lighting manufacturer. Today, Zaneen Lighting has expanded to offer solutions to 3 sectors: Architectural, Design and Exterior. With over 18 European company partnerships, Zaneen Lighting is a second generation leading lighting provider of customizable and technically advanced solutions. They are committed to deliver reliability, performing quality management process through the laboratory to ensure all their products are of the high quality.


BEGA‘s mission of building quality into everything they do has been the motor to be the industry’s premier provider of architectural outdoor lighting. Founded in 1945, BEGA has always been committed to their customers from the beginning, delivering excellence, and innovation. Today, BEGA serves North and Central America, complementing all manner architecture, through practicality and materials.


Since 1941, Beta-Calco has been working with customers, designing innovative lighting with the latest technology, including BIOS, Tunable White, and Dim to Warm. Their objective to meet the various design needs while complying with the latest energy and construction standards made Beta-Calco a global lighting supplier. Whether you need interior or exterior designer lighting, Beta-Calco has the perfect solution for your application.

Modern Forms Luminaires + Smart Fans

Modern Forms Luminaires specializes in crafting and conceptualizing state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, seamlessly integrating the most advanced technology to enhance efficiency. Through their unique app, they offer the ultimate modern experience, enabling seamless integration with various home systems and customizable smart controls. Engineered for long-term durability, Modern Forms Luminaires employ premium materials like handcrafted Piastra glass, 24K gold leaf, alongside robust die-cast aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel components.


Founded in 1969, EGLO has been synonymous with innovation and expansion. Starting with their first sales company in Germany, they have since established manufacturing facilities in Hungary, China, and India, solidifying their global presence across over 50 nations. EGLO boasts a diverse range of offerings, providing distinctive indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Their collection spans from classic chandeliers to rugged industrial lamps, enabling the creation of impeccable lighting ambiances. Whether your preference leans toward a sleek minimalistic design or the incorporation of wooden accents, EGLO ensures an ideal fixture to complement your space.

DALS Lighting

DALS Lighting stands as a prominent manufacturer of smart and aesthetic lighting solutions. Based in Quebec, Canada, DALS has established itself as a frontrunner in the realm of accent lighting. Within their collection, the range of adjustable LED products, controllable via Wi-Fi, empowers users to achieve precise illumination and desired animations. Be it a social gathering like a backyard BBQ or a serene reading session, the DALS Smart Landscape series offers the capacity to oversee extensive clusters of products even without an internet connection. This is made possible through the utilization of DALS Connect PRO coupled with advanced Bluetooth-mesh technology.

BL Lighting

With 30 years of experience, BL Lighting has established itself as a leading manufacturer of Optical Fiber tailored for lighting applications. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability, dedicating itself to furnishing energy-efficient lighting alternatives that curtail waste and minimize light pollution. Specializing in manufacturing specification-grade architectural lighting, BL Lighting directs its efforts toward creating vibrant, top-tier, and eco-friendly solutions encompassing fiber optic, linear lighting, LED systems, and advanced controls. Whether your pursuit involves locating the perfect fixture for commercial or residential usage, BL Lighting excels in delivering custom, tailor-made solutions.

Hemera Lighting

Hemera Lighting specializes in manufacturing inventive products that align with customer standards and preferences. Their dedication to quality prevails in every phase of production. From the selection of diverse materials to the inclusion of 18K gold and nickel plating, Hemera’s unwavering commitment to quality is unmistakable. Hemera caters to a range of lighting needs, from commercial and healthcare to residential and hospitality applications. Their internal team of industrial designers ensures each product is a blend of originality and ingenuity, promising both superior performance and unwavering dependability.

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