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January 25, 2023


About Liteline

Liteline Corporation is Canada’s largest independent, family-owned and operated lighting manufacturer in operation since 1979. Its headquarters are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, in a 160,000 sqft facility. They specialize in providing industry-leading solutions that light up architectural, commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. The company’s growth continues on three core principles; innovative product design, installation efficiency, and personal customer service. Due to its state-of-the-art performance and safety lab, Liteline can conduct in-house testing, including product safety and the generation of photometric reports.

Why Liteline


Award winning products

FORUM LED Panel has won Best Lighting Product at the 2018 Electro Expo Product Achievement Awards. The FORUM LED Commercial Panel is all about on-site customization. With a built-in driver that is 120~347v autosensing, 0-10V dimming capable, and up to 6250 lumens, it evenly distributes light to cater to any commercial space. This eye-pleasing fixture is designed to give lighting specifiers and building owners the freedom to quickly select and change between color temperatures and power output with the flick of a switch.


The Liteline OnCloud Color Tape Kit and the Moon Puck have won the 2022 IES Progress Reports independently. Liteline OnCloud Color Tape is an all-in-one commercial tape light kit. The kit comes fully ready to go with all required items. Inside the kit are the full-color tape at the selected length, a driver (plug-in or hardwired), an OnCloud adapter for Wi-Fi connection, all other required connectors, and an option for a lens and channel.


The Moon Puck fixture is the first of its kind. With the ability to surface mount or recess, this versatile fixture can be installed undercabinet and in a wall with tension clips to angle the lighting down for hallways or steps.


Extensive portfolio of lighting fixtures

Liteline delivers a full spectrum of residential and commercial solutions. With 650 distinct product lines offered, there is a solution for homeowners, contractors, designers, electricians, architects, and distributors.

To name a few:

  • EDGE – Allows you to break traditional offer design without interfering with above ceiling mechanical, all while fitting perfectly into a t-bar ceiling with an acoustic tile on top. No trimming is needed!
  • FLEX – The FLEX Series fits a variety of applications from Grocery Stores, Fast Food, Retail, and Hospitality. Maintain a consistent appearance with 5 mounting options on the same body as well as multiple accessory options.
  • SIGMA – The Sigma series offers a best-in-class fixture with an extensive offering of trim shapes, optics, and fixture styles. Best-in-class wall wash, trim less, pull-downs, multiples, and multiple media available.
  • TRACK – Liteline’s robust lineup of track fixtures can accommodate your needs with a wide range of compatibility including Halo and Juno, a variety of outputs, color temperatures, beam angles, and accessories.
  • ALR – ALR is an LED commercial downlight with a traditional look, that can be used in retrofit, remodel, or new construction and offers a variety of reflector and trim finishes.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

Like E.B. Horsman & Son, Liteline strives to provide the best quality products and services to ensure success for its customers. Their continuous innovation and commitment make Liteline a trusted partner of E.B. Horsman & Son. Our E.B. Horsman Lighting division can offer you an in-depth analysis and breakdown of what Liteline products you need for your next project.

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